Tuesday , January 19 2021

A 9-year-old boy was found around Sliven

My parents were a picnic in the woods

The lost children were crowned with a successful large-scale search on the forest near Sliven.

The Sliven Drug Policy Office of the District Office organizes an immediate rescue operation after receiving a 9-year childbirth illustration. At 13:51, RU-Sliven is a 112-minute message, when a 9-year-old boy is missing out when his parents did a picnic in the woods.

Ravnets is looking for a 2-year-old child

The child is lost in about 10 km of a tree area. Sliven, Forest and Sliven forests, Regional Management, RS-Military, Sliven, Forestry and Forestry Territorial Directorate. police, mountain rescue service and volunteers. The night search organization was created with the equipment provided by the Ministry of Defense.

With the support of the deputy minister of Interior, Stefan Balabanov, he was authorized by the Defense Minister to use a helicopter equipped with technical resources he sought. The operation lasted 4 hours.

The child was found at 17:00, healthy, ODIHR-Sliven staff and parents.

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