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A man killed his wife and took out his luggage – Bulgaria

A man killed his wife, took out his luggage


He was appointed as a 32-year-old Borislav N court judge on Tuesday to pay his wife to be particularly responsible and cruel, he announced in the press office of the court in Varna.

He was arrested for 72 hours by the courts. Until the court's arrest period lasts, Varna's prosecutor's office will request Borislav N.

In Borislav apartment, on February 24, his wife was rented. Couples were married for several years, but the wedding was not gone. Another day, among those who were married in divorce, the scandal was triggered, following a violent violence against the 40-year-old woman's abuser. Borislav called his mother to his mother and left her unprotected, and summoned her luggage and asked her to request it. Then, mother and son left the house under the condition of the woman's garment.

40 years after the woman There was no sign of her mother's telephone calls, the signing of the First District Administration of the Interior Ministry of Varna. The MIS officers and firefighters sent to the address to be able to access the blocked balcony through February 25. They found the body of the murder. The supervision of the Directorate General of the Interior Ministry of the Interior was carried out immediately under the leadership of a Regional Prosecutor of the province of Varnat.

The autopsy showed that death is a massive hemorrhage of the brain, because it caused several strokes in the head or with hard objects.

The study shows that abuse of women has been filing complaints against domestic family members over the age of marrying older husbands. Borislav's police protocol warns of the criminal responsibility of wife's threats and personal injuries. But the woman later informed the police that they improved their relations. On February 26, this year the Varna Barrutia court's family divorce procedure was scheduled.

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