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A protest against the violence against women – from the cabin – Bulgaria


A protest against the violence against women - what they wanted from the cabin


The protest against violence against women is on the bridge in the capital of Orlov, the association wants to create the National Counter-Creation Council against the Indigenous Peoples.

One hundred people came out tonight to help the victims of violence and demand more regional crises. According to prisoners, this Sofia center is quite inadequate.

The protest goes through quietly. Eagle Bridge has been cut for cars, only urban transport movements. Protests said they did not set the power deadline. However, if it is not a complete decision, the protests will continue.

With this protest, I would ask the government to change the laws that had not been touched since 1968, closing the violence door. We want a little more care and responsibility for men, children, and men who are victims of home violence. Nowadays, the main problem is not the interest of the power of the problem. Secondly, neighbors can reposition their attitude. In fact, if it's a noise from a party, the police will call you, but if they surpass your neighbor, they will hear Valeria Filkova, Darina dead and her daughter Nicole, close to Svoboda capital.

I acted actively because they believed it was a serious problem, and our governments decided to do so. We realize that sexist attitude towards women is normalized. This time, as we know from the National Assembly, when legal changes occur, GERB moves a bill with changes to the Criminal Code, which is not enough. The text does not contradict gender violence, which is a serious problem, said Sociologist Lea Weissa. In the country it advised to increase the number of crisis centers. Sofa's comparison is unique and not enough.

Several protests are the diplomatic missions of Varna and Berlin, Bucharest, Canterbury, London and Prague. The event was organized on Facebook through the Bulgarian Women's Fund.

Bulgarian fund Women have made 10 requests to the authorities to commit themselves to the cause and measure of violence against women in Bulgaria and domestic violence; Creating victims and authors of the common Internal Database of the Ministry; Establish preventative education programs; all kinds of criminalization of gender violence; Psychologists, police, social and medical personnel, specialized training; Creating a network of crisis centers to be victims of violence; authors' programs; The establishment of the National Counter-Violence Council in the Council of Ministries.

According to the Society, "the scale of violence and the causes, causes and consequences" of women and men must be misunderstood between the government and parliamentarians, and establishes the GERB bill against domestic violence "essential but completely useless, unless domestic violence is considered to be a broader scope".

According to the Fund, more than a million million women are victims of harassment at home and are over 10 years old. Since the beginning of the year, at least 29 women in the country have been killed or closed.

A protest against the violence against women was made yesterday and in Istanbul. Women's clusters have clashes with women against attitudes and respect for women's rights. The police used tear gas to go to the city's pedestrian zone. In Spanish cities there were also massive protests.

The National Palace of Culture, Sofia Opera and Ballet Sofia, Burgas, Varna, Rousse and Plovdiv were also building orange trees.

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