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All sophisticists will get cruelty if they do this offense!

I ordered a purchase of more than 40 cameras for controlling trucks traffic, said Deputy Mayor of Sofia, Doncho Barbalov. "I asked for more than 40 bus stops, I hope that it will be installed in the summer to help control traffic rules." The town councilor has helped us with dialogue with parliaments On one hand, to control municipalities, along with other authorities, "Channel 3 explained.

He believes traffic trafficking is complicated by urban transport drivers and their requirements are reasonable. The remuneration paid by the driver at that hour was very high. Doncho Barbalov said that the shortage of drivers is not only Bulgaria or the EU.

In the meantime, the Sofia Municipal Transport and Tourism Committee continues discussing the problems of urban transport drivers. Representatives of the Transport Committee to the City Hall, representatives of the Metropolitan Transport Public, representatives of trade unions, Maya Manolova Defenders, Sofia Auto Association and others. At the beginning of the meeting, the Mayor of the City of Sofia, Maya Manolova, protests, was intended to run Sofia chair this year. He replied that he did not accept speculation, because people had always been the election year.

The demands of the drivers were heard, which emphasized the rising wages of the sector, so that the salaries obtained Sofia's average salary. According to them, the salaries of all drivers will increase by 40%. They emphasize the desire to attract young people to the sector. They are regulated and controlled by the protesters by means of bus routes to use them only to control the laws and municipalities of Sofia from crime. In the words, urban transport schedules are not very suitable for urban traffic, which is why it is impossible to reach the schedule and be able to rest during the season. The protesters complained to trade unions because they did not defend their interests and did not discuss it in court.

The unions, at the same time, sought to try not to resist their work.

The vice president of the Sofia Transport and Tourism Commission and the chairman of the California BSP-Sofia group, Kaloyan Pargov, said that this meeting did not expressly express the protests and the President of the Transport Committee Ekaterina Yordanova uses cameras in the personal room of the room.

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