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Boil Banov: The recording is probably mounting, as it has been for 4 years

Boil Banov KADAR: Channel 3

Former Minister of Culture, now educated, ministered to the Minister

The recording published by Elena Yoncheva is probably an installation. We have carried out dozens of operations in the fields, in other words, shouting, protecting the interests of the situation. Many more records can be mounted. Minister of Culture, Boil Banov, announced at a briefing at the Council of Ministers. Earlier today, MP Belene Elena Yoncheva announced The minister of culture will pay the Prosecutor's Office and OLAF and will not pay a penalty of BGN 700,000 for its resignation.

He has filed a petition against the consortium that he faced 745 thousand years ago.

"The author of the record is former minister Ángel Angelov," Banov said. He has been recording for four years. At present, the Ministry of Education Angelov teaches at the "24 Hour" Operational Education Program. He also worked with other officials.

"These are the designers," Banov said.

There are appeals for other blackmailers against Angelov. Former Minister of Economy worked with Ivo Kostov. They say they are near the defendant businessman.

"I did not accept this bangle attempt, I totally disagree, and there was a record of those times during the 2015-2016 period, and I can not say why they are running now, elections are coming, they are doing televisions and the goal is to overcome everything – Banov said.

"I apologize that it was my emotional, I'm not like that, I'm angry," he concluded.

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