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Bulgaria also has a bracelet plan – Bulgarian news

When Brittany's date (March 29) approached, the Bulgarian government proposed plans to leave the EU in the UK without reaching an agreement.

Regular retirement in the UK citizen rights, financial interests, existing commerce, transportation, etc. Relationships with minimal gaps in contact.

The government announced it.

At the same time, taking into account the current situation of the Breitek process, Bulgaria is also preparing to go ahead with an agreement.

In both cases, a number of measures are envisaged in many areas: legislation, administrative capacity, training and information awareness.

The most important urgent actions are:

Regulations for the modification and composition of the Foreign Subsidiary of the Republic of Bulgaria, and its implementation regulations;

Consolidation of the London Consulate with two consular officers;

Take steps to open the consular office in Edinburgh;

The London Embassy has spent 20 days of information up to the middle of the Bulgarian cities that live in different cities in the UK.

References to Bulgarian citizens in the UK, the procedure for applying their Bratzite rights and district proceedings;

Adaptation of the legal framework of the European Commission, EU member states and the United Kingdom;

Breakdown sections for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Internal Affairs and Tourism websites.

Trainings / Seminars for Bulgarians and Citizens in the Territories of the United Kingdom, regarding the Social Security System's Assessment and Payment Change;

Collaboration with companies in industrial companies due to the consequences of EU withdrawal;

Preparation to cooperate with the British Embassy to obtain information campaigns on the rights of British residents residing in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Plan also has variable aspects. The European Union will not only take on a common vision of action and must be complied with in a legal vacuum.

Regardless of whether they are the type of withdrawal and the transition period, agencies should immediately certify the implementation of the Agreement or the implementation of the plan without agreement.


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