Wednesday , July 6 2022

Chelsea's former director has been over one year old


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Mock news revealed Italian football Gianluca Vali, star of football stars in the 1990s.

Valik says he has cancer and has had a treacherous disease for one year. The autobiographical book "Hits" Chelsea's former managers has been released on Tuesday in Italy. 98 stories to face the toughest +1 challenge ", and talks about the serious fight against illness.

In front of Corriere dello Sport, he shared the illness with the calmness of the treatment and now he feels very good.

"I would like to go unnoticed, but it was not possible, then I thought the phase of my life, which should be brave and we should all learn." I began to write the book to find the right path to help people, motive phrases, mantras, and I've linked them to understand stories of great athletics.

I know it was difficult and difficult for my family to say to my family. You never hurt people you love: my parents, brothers and sisters, my wife Catherine, our little girl Olivia and Sofia. And it embarrasses you, as if it were your fault.

When I was hiding in the first place, I did not want to notice others, I had to know Vally. But then I told my story in a book, "says Vali.

"Right now I feel good. I started recovering, although I still do not know how" how "will end.

I had to wear a sweater under my shirt, I did not understand what I was suffering. I hope my story is going on in the book that many people were saying.

Also, I want my book to be on one's night tonight, so people can read one or two stories before sleep. A phrase that was stuck on my wall during my treatment was as follows: we are the product of our thoughts.

It is important not to win, it is very important to be a winner. Life is 10% of what is happening to us and how 90% of what we manage is, "said Vally.

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