Saturday , December 4 2021

Coronaviruses: the infected exceeded 100 thousand – Bulgaria


Dnevnik publishes current data related to the spread of the Bulgarian coronavirus, provided by the State Unified Information System. Below the article you can see the graphs that show the trends of the main indicators of the last months – the number of infected, dead and cured, the number of patients in hospitals and intensive care units and the relationship between the number of PCR tests performed and their positive results.

The first table shows the data for the past day, which is often inaccurate for technical reasons. On Sundays and Mondays, the number of new infections and tests is usually significantly reduced, and the reason is that according to authorities, many labs do not work or work with less capacity and laboratories and hospitals report the results. with a delay in the unified information system. This usually leads to a significant increase in data on new infections, hospital stays and deaths on Tuesday.

In an attempt to “smooth” the peaks and ups of the trough, it is indicated in parentheses of the main indicators % change in the last seven days from the date of notification (Monday is compared to the previous Monday, Tuesday to Tuesday, etc.). The arrows show a steady upward trend in all indicators in recent weeks, which, according to experts, will continue.

Contaminated, healed, dead

Official Statistics Report has only infected people who have passed a positive PCR test in one of the state-approved laboratories. To date, growing antigenic test data are not being added to them. According to the mathematician at the National Operational Headquarters, the number of infected is eight times higher than the announced active cases (as of November 12, it accounts for nearly 470 thousand cases).

After October 13, statistics He reported that all those infected who had expired in quarantine for 14 days had been curedwithout further investigation. All patients hospitalized and discharged with COVID-19 are also cured. Victim statistics include people who have died after being proven to be infected with coronavirus. According to this indicator, in many countries there has been a conflict since the beginning of the epidemic about the extent to which the allegation is correct due to the role of the diseases that accompany the patients.

How many are positive tests

Statistics report PCR tests only and only if performed in state-approved laboratories. The calculation of the positive parts of them is conditioned to some extent, as it is done according to all the tests of the day authorities do not distinguish between the positive results of the first results of a study and the number of consecutive results for the same patient. However, they can be used as a guide, after the abolition of the mandatory compulsory quarantine negative test, to the extent that the exams should be reduced again.

Hospital treatment

The need for hospital treatments is believed to be one of the key indicators for the development of the pandemic, as it puts a lot of pressure on the health system and takes into account the state’s ability to deal with the crisis. At the moment all hospitals in districts with more than 120 infected people per 100 thousand inhabitants in Bulgaria (and now this country) are forced to distribute beds to treat COVID-19. How many of these data are complied with are reported once a week during an appearance at the National Headquarters on Thursday. According to data from 5 November, about 30% of the beds in medical establishments and about 20% of the beds in intensive care units are filled.

According to the indicator of patients per 100 thousand inhabitants, it is controlled to be the main one in most European countries, Bulgaria is now over 300 thousand over 100 thousand due to the introduction of stricter restrictive measures.

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