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Deutsche Bank expects a merger in the middle, if anything else fails

Deutsche Bank is preparing the government's potential pool with Commerzbank's competitor, as it is time to recover the results for the biggest bank in Germany in the middle of the year, Bloomberg informs.

The directors who are trying to announce the results in the fourth quarter of the month of Friday are worried that this deal will not be improved in the first three months of 2019. The Bank warns of the last months of last year's death In November, police operations had a complex market environment.

The Executive Director of Christian Schwing called for patience to focus on current plans, cutting spending and stabilizing the market share, but recently stepped on the lender and the government. Years have failed to restructure so the bank can not make reductions. This has led to speculation that it will join Commerzbank, to increase the market share and to reduce costs in a competitive competitive market.

Even though the largest bank-investors continue to continue with Shuiing, they continue to decline their losses, according to people who are familiar with the topic. The shares lost less than last year before recovering their value before they recovered.

"If this is true, Deutsche Bank's economic situation should be worse than the outside world," said Andreas Plaseier, M.M. analysts Warburg. "Comcasting with Commerzbank at this time is not meaningful, because it offers little potential for growth".

Although not perceived by some parties, the German government believes it would not be possible if Schwing could not be used by banks to slow down the economic potential, increase the situation, say people familiar with government attitudes. Berlin's forecast for economic growth has only fallen by 1% this Wednesday, and it will be at a slower pace for six years.

The country continues to have a large share of Commerzbank rescue. He does not take part in Deutsche Bank, but Olaf Scholz, Finance Minister, has repeatedly said the support of strong international banks for German-oriented companies.

Representatives with the largest bank in Germany have made 23 discussions with officials in Berlin, since the emergence of the new government in March, most of which were the Deputy Minister of Jorg Koukis.

Schwing rejects the planned 2020 outlook, but it also needs to change its strategy earlier if its plan fails. Many Deutsche Bank employees and the German government have agreed to join Commerzbank to make the best choice.

Analysts interviewed by the Bank expect the eighth drop in the fourth consecutive quarter of the bank.

However, the bank may have at least one significant shareholder. Deutsche Bank has negotiated a commitment to Qatar's new investments, which is already significant in banks. The new investment is likely to be made through state-owned funds.

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