Monday , August 15 2022

Dirty pop folk games! Desi Slava’s boyfriend cut her …


The career of folk singer Desi Slava may once again be a stone of disagreement in their relationship. The voice of the folk angel always falls on the jealous men who oppose the night life.

The last half of the singer – MMA fighter Blagoy Naidenov is also very jealous and doesn’t like to twist his wife into socks and show her naked body in videos.

The couple had a serious discussion recently about accepting the singer’s participation in “Masquerade Singer” (like Macaroni) and starting to come out every Saturday with various excuses. On the second exit from the house, a scandal broke out which forced him to accept the whole truth, despite signing a contract to keep his participation a secret, even in front of those closest to him.

Fans of the chubby vocalist are worried about Blagoy’s jealousy and fear that someday the singer will stop his musical career. “He had the same problem with Zarko and then he chose a career. I don’t think he would sacrifice his family again in the name of work, especially because the last two years have been disastrous for him and the genre in general,” wrote one of the fans. folk throat, writing

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