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Disability varies, to unravel the owners of gossips (Obzor) owners.

Vezhdi Rashidov, Professor of National Culture Commission, has announced

The doctor, who appreciated him from the young Philip Popov, thought about the stupidity of the MPs who took lies from the goods he bought.

GERB will change the Law of Electronic Communications and demand the empowerment of media that distribute fake communications. This was given 24 hours by the governing parties. Right now, the property of the media only appears when the criminal offense is serious, but no fake publishing is published.



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GERB Key Wizard was categorical in "24 hours".

"These are not the means of communication, that is, gossip. And this is not freedom, but simplicity – the committee of culture and the media committee President Vezhdi Rashidov was" erupted in the 24 hours "and continued:" You can not do this to accelerate , punish yourself, but falsify the news of your own life. "

His words responded to scandalous allegations made by the 36-year-old Philip Popov Philip Popov, GERB Desislava Atanasova, Delyan Dobrev, Krassimir Velchev and Anton Todorov. After reading anonymous articles on Vale News and, the Commission asked for the recruitment of corruption and property ownership (CPCNPP) to hire and inform about the media about four home-based politicians. GERD. 4udoslav blog, whose slogan is "Let's defeat corrupt power speech with (not necessarily with truths)," the "Vale News" site, under whose head says: "False news and absolute invention. Do not believe this is not true "The note was also sent to an informant who told Borisov about the Greek island, and stated that he did not check his information.

The information that was based on the Popov signal was released in almost every single place yesterday. "Vale News" also made it clear that there was no real information published. Due to the cultured culture of the parliaments, it is clear that there is no explanation.

"We will write the rules together with the help of serious media, creating rules for acquiring our owners

alleged media, which

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man Knows cowardly and gossipmen, "said Rashidov. Anti-counterfeiting legislation will include its commission when two more laws – cultural legacy and copyright – are already underway.

Parliamentary MPs recently planned to find newly falsified parliamentary variations. The party extinguishes the anonymous sites if they have lewd information. To do this, each site must provide administrator information, and therefore, if there is a problem, it can be prosecuted. Additionally, these pages should only be mentioned for fun and fictional news. A new modification of the media law will allow the Electronic Media Council to regulate the content of electronic editions. To create a national domain that is registered by all communities, IMRO Bill is still available. The idea is to distinguish between serious media from other sites. So far, voivodes have provided a domain .media, But it stands out that the subject of change is. In addition, it will be possible to register in the general domain to make the CEM easier to regulate content online editions. Last week, the IMR Bill of Culture passed Parliament's first reading.

Tzvetan Tsvetanov: False countries are coming

"I visit all of the country's settlements because there are some tensions, and therefore I announce that the opposition is somewhat disrupted by the percentage of sociological events in societal events.

He was the deputy director of GERB and the head of the parliamentary group of Nova TV. "In many cases, the information provided will not match the truth," he said in the boom news bulletins. And he determined that the Government does not have real news that are making fake news.

As president of the presidential elections of the Party, Tsvetanov constantly visits the country.

Unlike BSP, GERB said he met the election outlook.

The GERB does not worry about the cabinet, but said that the election will delay the elections as soon as possible. Currently, the management program priorities are strictly developing, categorical Tsvetanov.

The BSP did not report, they were anonymous sites of parliamentary houses that wanted to know the truth or the lie

Another new revelation – the deputies did not check false business. For them, it's also a signal

"It is not our job to verify the site or be the same as the news. The publications form part of the meaning of the law, which is why we did not point out yesterday, and asked the committee to see these messages – false, correct …"

BSP MP Philip Popov on Wednesday asked the 24-hour question why the left-wing members of the Committee allegedly face self-referral for fraudulent and fraudulent buying property property property (KPKONPI).

On Tuesday, on behalf of the left, Popov asked KPONPI to study and review the secretary of the GERB Desislava Atanasova, Delyan Dobrev, Krassimir Velchev, and the deputy Anton Todorov, the complex Sars of Tsars and others in the capital. In front of Popov journalists, the news was published in several mass media, but they did not mention the name.

BSP Vladislav Goranov wants to clarify the case in the occupied apartment. Slavi Trifonov and Sasho Dontchev's "Sega" story began with Slavi Trifonov's story. The debate was literally sparked the same day, when the budget was discussed, the chief financial assistant was.

"In terms of the other three parliamentarians and the former party, the committee should check the case," said Popov.

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