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Dr. Angel Kunchev reveals whether to get rid of the flu and find out if it is repeated a month – BLITZ

The "Michigan" flu is mainly young and the complications are much heavier, the National Health Inspector General said Monitoring.

– Dr. Kunchev, in a short time, was supposed to be death due to complications of the flu. At the same time, hospitals are crowded. Is the state epidemic a heavy state or is it not necessary to waste?

"In general, I can not say that there is no influence in the flu, as well as in the expected tension in Michigan, which has long been a serious cause of the epidemic of the year, of course, we must say that there is a parallel circulation of H3N2, but to a lesser extent. It can be observed that 80% of the positive cases of influenza in "H1N1" in Michigan show that the difference between this and the previous year's epidemic is not very intense, despite the fact that the patient is less winter, the number of complications and the weight is greater. There is no place at the hospital until February 15. The difference is that the age involved this year is different.You know that the flu can hit people over 65. Nowadays, the most affected are those of active age and elderly, most of whom are between 30 and 40. You do not accidentally see those who have died from the proven flu It's an age group that is an impression this year, because they're still young. Other features Symptomatic symptoms are serious. Exactly, the percentages are not as different as the other years, but they are heavier. The hospitals have developed very fast pneumonia, and especially if they are late and self-medicated at home, they have severe complications – they have developed a respiratory phase, sometimes pneumonia is difficult to treat. That's why it's endless. These are two distinctive features.

– Did you know exactly this year with the death checked flu?

– No, no one can provide specific information.

– In hospitals it is recommended that deaths are flu, but not to send research samples. To finance these costs is so expensive?

– All studies have been uploaded, but this does not mean we need blind. We will not accept it. Thus, nobody wants to know exactly the antibiotics prescribed for the patient. Medicine is not cheap. But here is the whole virological analysis, even if the tension is determined. The hospitals are somewhat less accurate, but suitable for screening tests. They expressly and show whether or not the flu is tension. They're just that much cheaper. It's a few minutes and they're not so expensive. Every year, we make a free screening, especially at the beginning of the epidemic. In this way, we will determine what viruses circulate. Last week, we have collected more than 300 free copies. But with around 200,000 people in a state of ill health, it is clear that the burden is very good for everyone, both for hospitals, for laboratories and for ultraviolet rays. Some pneumonia pneumonia is lost. As they are almost unlisted on the phone, there is no bacterial component that is not heard, but it is very well seen in ultraviolet rays. That is why it is mandatory.

What is the virus after treating these pneumonia?

– The only antiviral

"Is there how many people were ill last year and death?

– No, but one person was the flu and then pneumonia was developed and died, 99% is the cause of the death of the flu. Whether they are investigated are details. But, usually, as a cause of death, a disease comes as a cause.

– Has the flu reaches the peak, or should it still arrive in February, as the specialists say?

– We arrived there. Some areas like Pernik are already out of the epidemic. I hope that at the end of the week there were others that influenced the flu. So virtually no morbidity is greater than what we are seeing today. Then it will start down. It is true, however, that the area declared epidemic such as Lovech, Vratsa, Montana may have more patients this week, but it has already been a peak in the whole country.

– Is there a new wave in March? A few days ago, the doctors heard this hypothesis.

"It's always such an option, but nobody knows when and when it's going to happen. Sometimes, although not very often, there are two waves in the swamp. After the second peak was the first one, it's about a month and a half, but it's never so intense. , but not always.

– You said that self-cure is very dangerous, what does people mean? Does the high temperature go to the doctor?

"Not only, as a general condition. If you have severe headache in the days that you are suffering from fatigue or appetite, it is a good idea to look for your doctor. It's a pleasure for people to go to the GP for a while, as some colleagues recommend. What will happen if I ask about the 200,000 people that will happen directly Patients and healthy will stay in one place and 90% of the flu does not matter how long it will last. Those with chronic illnesses help and save and immune weaknesses.

"There is an unnecessary hysteria, are people afraid of you?

– Usually they are afraid, but it only takes a while when the situation is serious. Then they forget about it, and when we evoke the immunization in September, there is no reaction. It is true that the population does not need any population, but after 65 years the vaccine is important. As I said, the flu usually breaks down. So, it is good that national planning is ready and I hope the elderly will be free to integrate.

– And this year more people have been vaccinated, vaccines have been exhausted at the beginning of the season?

– Yes, this is evident, in general, because the number of vaccines is the same every year. Those that were exhausted until mid-November are quite significant. And companies can not react at the beginning of the season. He has redirected 7,000 doses to one of the largest companies, but he goes down the ocean.

"Does this mean that more doses will be claimed next year?"

– I expect a lot. Especially since it is a national project that provides free vaccinations for the elderly, this percentage will increase.

"What other viruses are now, what more should we be careful about?"

"There are not many other epidemic influenza drugs, they have not disappeared, but the main strain is very aggressive and promotes the rest. This year, as I said, H3N2" Singapore "was circulating – from 10% to 15%, but we should consider There are viruses in these breaths.

– In Romania there are many complex situations of flu, many of them dead this year. Ever happened?

"Everything is dead. When a 9-year-old child is dead, everyone learns, this is not an older one. It's a social phenomenon.

– But we can not protect ourselves and how we use masks?

– Here my opinion does not match other colleagues. In my opinion, they have their place, but they are sick, not healthy. And we usually see people who want to protect themselves. Although you have symptoms of initials, tightening and coughing, the great drops that lead the virus to the empty barrier are scattered. Alternatively, a normal 15-20-minute male respiratory mask is moistened and does not protect it.

– And is the growth of models?

– They are unpredictable. This is where we can not intervene and limit the spread, such as hawthorn and rubella. Chicken chocolate and red larva, which we do not currently have, vary depending on the epidemic. Starting in December and from March to April.

Business card:

He was born on October 19, 1959

In 1985 he graduated from the Plovdiv Medical Institute. Since 1986, he has been working on the control center for epidemics against HEI in Haskovo

Since 2001, it has been in the Ministry of Health's Anti-Epidemic Control Department

Since 2008, the Ministry of Health has headed "Infectious Diseases"

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