Wednesday , January 20 2021

Dr. Bisser Bochev: Ivailo Chochev will recover at least half a year

Biser Bochev, a national team of our national football team, said that Ivaylo Chochev's refurbishment will last only a few years. We remind him yesterday that the midfielder of Palermo was seriously injured against European Montenegro.

Popova: Ivo, hold on, we are with you!

Popova: Ivo, hold on, we are with you!

Ivelin Popov has helped his teammate

"Even last night, during the match, it was evident that there was a serious trauma for me, breaking the bottom of the quadriceps muscle tendon, with a chaplate or part of the cap, and this type of injury is a bit of a bad, later two teammates brought big energy to this state, "Bochev told BTC colleagues.

"It's a must-back game for at least 6 months, the players are completely male and they want to be useful, they're smart and good, we want them to be optimistic. I think everything is going well."

Simeon Slavchev Ivailo Chochev: brother, do not bend his head!

Slavchevi Chochev: my brother, do not bend his head!

"You are waiting for a hard time, but I know you and you know how strong and personal it is!"

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