Friday , February 3 2023

Dr. Kalin Genadiev "Life Stolen" is in the seventh heaven, half … – BLITZ


Actress Dimo ​​Alexiev and her half – Angela Medzian, the usual welcome of her first child this month. The couple received congratulations from the new family in the social network.

It's daunting to have become the father of a girl for the second time. Anna's daughter, Topalova, is married to Laura.

Angella plays Latin American dances, practicing Spanish teaching and photography. Dimo and Dimo ​​meet in a photo session, and love is blazing. Exotic beauty is Armenian origin. In the summer, he and Dimo ​​opened an exhibition of photographs by Veliko Tarnovo, and then the general public made it clear that the couple was waiting for their first child.

Dr. Dimo ​​Genadiev has been a successful success in the "Stealing Life" series, but his character is not currently playing. Dario Simeonov was his nightmare, and recently, his mother, the little baby emerged on the small screen to make a newborn baby.

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