Monday , August 19 2019
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Euro and kilo are in favor of the new tension between the US and China

In foreign exchange trade on Tuesday, the dollar, while weak, has attacked other currencies, the main competitors.

On the other hand, Yen promotes it as an investor in securing secure assets. US Department of Justice Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd of China sponsors scandals to break Iran's sanctions. The conflict between Washington and Beijing was deepened.

China has expressed a serious concern about Huawei's accusations. The foreign ministry announced Tuesday that Beijing will defend the legitimate interests of Chinese companies.

This morning, the yen hit the dollar against 109.27 yuan. With regard to Australian money, Japan has added a rate of 78.30 yen for the Australian dollar.

At the same time, the ordinary currency goes to the Japanese yen with just 124.94 yen euros.

The euro also appreciates a bit against the US currency and marketed it in the market for $ 1,1436 to $ 1,1428 a day earlier.

Sterling slut is marketed on Tuesday morning at $ 1,3158, $ 1,3066, yesterday's end of yesterday and £ 1,1505 pounds £ 1,1558 pounds yesterday.

The market participants' view is a two-day US Federal Reserve meeting that ends on Wednesday. Jerome Powell, the General Regulator, wants to acknowledge the rising economic growth in the Basque Country behind the slowdown in global growth.

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