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Execution in Madrid! Caniballa again drank in Real + VIDEO blood

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Barcelona made the Real Madrid blood rivals at the Spanish Cup semi-finals, winning 3-0 at Santiago Bernabéu. In this way, Catalans in semifinals scored 4: 1 overall score.

Both teams played a bad role in the first line, but the advantage of the game was "white ballet", but it made many voices. Barakak, Luis Suarez, has managed to get the result of the first direct match in the match, the hostess's nightmare has become a reality.

First, Rafael Varan scored an unfortunate goal in a suárez attempt to stop, and then Uruguay sentenced him to Panenka.

So, Real Suarez has become the fear of the second period of the season He won the Noam Camp hat-trick in October with a 5: 1 gold win for the championship.

He is finally in Seville, May 25, from Barcelona to Valencia and Bethesda. Leo Messi and the company will play in the third round of the tournament, and the first team of history will be three consecutive victories.

Both teams began to passively pass on the standards and were in the wrongs of the opponent. Only in the eighth minute was the danger that Osman Dembele was in the danger of the left, but Luis Suarez's inauguration did not turn into Sergi Roberto.

The European champion has attacked the penalty of Vinisis after entering the opponent's penalty field, but the judge has not surprised that incident. He got a gold chance in the 19th minute, but shot over the crossbar.

Shortly after, Vinisius and Lucas Vasquez opened a magnificent double chance in two seconds, but they did not take advantage of the Barcelona defensive defense group. Dembele, on the other hand, sharpened a bit but did not find a teammate.

In the minute 37, Real Madrid missed the game in the match. The Catalan Vinicius fell, but it slowed down and was blocked. He left Benzemari free and the Frenchman got the goal but Mark St Andre struck it.

It was not a couple of minutes and Vinisius got a new chance, but with lewd, his powerful shots sent the ball over the goal.

In the second half, Real Madrid was much more active and wins in the middle. Karim Benzema made a very dangerous and somewhat indirect blow, but the referee gave him a lack of French.

In the minute 50, Barcelona opened the match surprisingly. Osman Dembele went to the left and went to Luis Suárez, in the left corner to hit the left corner and Navas.

Both teams claimed a penalty, but the judge did not respect the demands of Ivan Rakitic (against Ramos) and Lucas Vasquez (Pique and Langer). In the middle of the second part, Ter Stegen rescued the rescue worker, with Reglon's own blow.

Real hit again and lost two more. Carvahal put the diagonal wins in the hands of Ter Sgen, and then Vinisius made a beautiful ball.

In the minute 69, Real Madrid attacked a counterattack. Dembele came to the right and Luis Suárez went in parallel with the goal goal, but Rafael Varan scored one goal.

Suarez, however, made the second half in the minute 73, "Panenka" from the white style, who punished Casemiro with penalty kick.

Immediately afterwards, the pace of the game fell sharply, playing both teams. Finally, Asensio tried his luck but did not go to the door.

Real Madrid – Barcelona 0: 3

0: 1 Luis Suarez – 50 & # 39;
0: 2 Rafael Varan – 69 ", aim
0: 3 Luis Suarez – 73 ', penalty shot

Real Madrid: Navas, Varan, Ramos, Carvalhal, Regon, Casemiro (Valverde – 75 & # 39;), Kroos, Modric, Vinisius (81 & # 39;), Vasquez

Barcelona: (Stephan, Langele, Pique, Semedo, Alba, Buscats (Arthur – 86 & # 39;), Roberto, Rakitic, Demeble (Kouttinho – 75 & # 39;), Messi, Suarez (Vidal – 78)

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