Thursday , July 7 2022

First of all BLITZ! Special Prosecutor Offices and GOCB have broken the power of computer fraud bosses! – Blitz


The Office of the Public Prosecutor and the Directorate General for Organized Crime have neutralized computer fraud and illegal cryptography over $ 5 million in criminal offenses. Nearly $ 3 billion in Cryptotool (equivalent to $ 5 million) has been "learned", as a result of the search for computers used by Bulgarians.

At the end of June 2018, the results of the study carried out at the end of June 2018 are not analogous in Bulgaria and Europe.

The specialized prosecution office arrested three people
On November 22, 2018, computers and flash drives were seized,
hardware portfolios, multi-account accounts notes already existing
and non-illegal persons
cryptocrylic acquisition scheme.

The car was also invaded by 60,000 BGN, it bought money from criminal activity.
Numerical digital combinations: access codes
Specific platforms that provide storage and procurement services
Cryptography and hardware portfolios
cryptocrylic storage).

They have been accused of three exceptions professionally and conspiracy. Innovative mechanisms, specialized software and, above all, computer literacy skills have been used.

According to the definition of the High Courts of the Court, two were accused
"Guard custody". Third participant
The prosecutor determines the "50% guarantee" of the person in charge.
000 leads

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