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Georgi Petkov, with a mixed conversation with BLITZ, wrote a dirty number of Levski and said it was very interesting.

Georgi Petkov makes wonders and can call the Bulgarian football legend. Historian entered the field with the national shirt with former players. He also got into the classification of the oldest goalkeeper in Europe, defending the colors of his country. This indicator is the third in the world. This year, on May 9, Bulgaria won the Cup Slavia in an epic game, the final penalties against the Levski team. Petkov made an open interview for BLITS, which he conceded very interesting – how long he was given the "white" contract.

– How are you feeling at age 42 and how much can you play?
"Actually, it's been 30. I do not like it, I am 42. I'm alive and healthy, I'm going to show you how many years it has been for the weather. If I go to Slavia, I'll play.

"How long have you got a contract with the club?"
"It's long enough. In reality, to play Slavia with my contract so long.

– What is the sports sustainability formula?
"First of all, I was a wonderful wife and a daughter. I was a lot born from childhood, Elijah, alive and healthy, is 7 years old. I feel very well after being superb creatures, I have changed in a very positive direction.

– Do you have enough time for your relatives?
"I leave for a while, but I can not always get them." Church has started to understand things more and more. He always asks me for the camp, the result of matches.

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"When was your last wife a break and where did you love to go?
– We went back to Velingrad on Monday. We are in the weekend I broke Slavia with the national team and I took advantage of it. Otherwise, we want to go to Sandanski. We're looking for cool air, especially for the baby. For many years we went to the sea in summer in Greece.

– How many pounds are you now? Do you follow diet patterns?
– I do not have any regime because there are no problems related to weight. I've been getting 80-81 pounds for 15 years. Maybe it protects me from the wounds.

– You lost some games lately for fatigue, how did you recover after the games?
– It's just a matter of exhaustion … We met Slavia, let's play Tony. The boy has a unique character.

– You are talking about Antonis Stergiakis. What do you teach?
"What can I do to help you, listen to me? I started the Slavia, Bobby Mihaylov and Zdravko Zdravkov helped me. Now young people learn from me. Not disturbing. It's just a day since I had problems in the game and then I'm a rifle.

"Do you record videos?" Now you are the oldest goalkeeper of the national teams in European football history and has also been the main player for our national team. (the other goalkeeper was the record – Hristo Hristov – Barakata)
"Yes, that's something flattering. But to be honest: I do not pay much attention to achievements. I am very glad that people, especially national coaches, have recognized my good performance internationally in my last games and trust me. I'm really happy in the national team. When they call me, I will always answer. I do not say that, "I'm 42 years old, it does not make sense …" I will never forget the national team. You do not think it.

"What else do you want to get?"
– First of all, be healthy and help Slavia. I think they need me, I'm ready. For specific purposes, I do not think so. It is important to stabilize Slavia and develop young players.

– But you probably dream of the "Pretty Footballer" prize? You have a second and third place over the years.
– It's a great deal of confession. But I do not think that I must necessarily create a fixed idea. I think most people deserve it, I'm very happy. I want to win.

– Who has learned that Peter Hubchev had returned to the national team and what was your first reaction?
– I understand from the media. I did not speak Hubchev's phone, he even called me back. For Pliny Ilieven injury, I thought I'd rather turn it over. And Vlado Stoyanov's injury is very serious. I opened the opportunity to return to the national team.

– What happened to Cypriot and Slovenia when you were at the gate of the last two Nations Nations Championships?
– This was the only game with cycling. But when we see it in the game, we can not be nice. It seemed very good to us. We played wrestling, but it was unpleasant that we did not get it.

"Your first interview on how Hubchev went, what did you say?"
– I thanked the call. I want my success, without injury and to prepare it as much as possible.

"You know yourself as a great joker, and do you know your teammates in the national team?
"Oh, no, of course, it's different from Hubchev, it's hard for the national team to take advantage of jokes, I'm still a joke, but I'm going to take it into account. It's normal for me, and I'm still 42 years old, it's not good for kids to joke.

– Coach coach Rado Stanev is older than one year old. Do you follow your instructions or leave the whim?
"We're friends from Rado family, not just my coach. I know he's working on Slavia before. I appreciate everything. One of the greatest merits of my success is the same. I always hear the coach. I respect the hierarchy.

– Did you see a coach after a year?
"It's hard to be a coach.

"Do you mean something about your address, the king of a slow game?
– In the national sense, the Cypriot goalkeeper, in the 70s and 80s, we saw to slow him down for the fifth minute. We encourage the idea of ​​short time in our country. Yes, I need my authorization from time to time when necessary. This is part of the game.

– Your comments Nikolay Mihaylov Levski comments?
"I know Nikki for a long time, I have a lot of quality and I want to succeed at Levski, the question is how he prepared it, the most important thing is to make the right preparation, to keep it well and to accept it, and the main problem with him is the family, everyone knows very well. It is a mistake to forget the famous. And he did not It was a pure purpose, rebounding the ball that passed the leg. It happened so much, it was a long time ago. Nicky really has features.

– You started training in the last few weeks while you were with Slavia. How did you show up in your combined activities?
"We have done 40 days of training together, it is good. I think the form will be recovered.

– Your Levski first team, four times champion and three times the winner of the Bulgarian Cup, why not have trophy since 2009?
There is nothing Levsky. I hope to win a victory as soon as possible. There are serious problems like Gerena, I do not have to explain any more. I can not say the problem.

– The loss of the Levski Trophy in the championship that you and Slavia were in 2013 …
"Why do we need the problem?" They do not blame us. Levski and lovers unpleasant. But I protect the colors of another club and I try to do my work as always. And when I was Levski, I was divided into all workouts and games. Levsky's stagnant glory is plain. We got our joy, we played for our honor. Slavs built me ​​as a man and a gatekeeper. I have long been committed to leadership, and especially Ventsi Stefanov, after returning to Cyprus, I wear the white team again.

– You probably annoy or not Levski fans to sing carefully at your address: "Oh, funny goalkeeper" …
– I do not care We live in Bulgaria and, for many years, do things and insults. I did not pay much attention. You can not call the fan what he wants to call. Some go to the stadium to swear.

– Are Tods Batkov still eliminated from Levs?
– No, I'm not a bad one. Mr Batkov was wrong, then he understood. Then we saw, we talked, I did not have any problems. Then it was damaged. It's true that it was intrigue. So it's in our country, there are people who combine water.

– Who are you talking about?
– Batkyk and Mr. Batkows well know me they made me dirty. Then I knew who he was, but I do not want to call his name.

"Did you stop by the manager?"
"Most of the managers have had excellent relationships.

Did you listen to Stanimir Stoilov with your teammates?
"Murray has not heard for a long time. I talked to Sirakov with Mecho Telkiyskin, with Georgi Ivanov-Gonzo. I do not have any problems, we have a pleasant attitude.

– Have you ever had an opportunity to play CSKA?
– There was no such possibility.

– Joro The Door, stuck in Dimitar Penev, you do not like it.
"I'm surprised, Mr. Penev did not say so, some journalists did." Penna said: "Joro Door and these two …" Excellent coach and excellent, lively and healthy man.

– Recently, Slavia fans are called Gosho Vekoven. How do you remember?
– Yes, Gosho Vekov is my newest alias, I like it.

– What are the major difficulties we have overcome so far?
– I had two difficult things. When I first broke Levski. I gave eight very eight months. The second thing was the division of Levski. I did not want to, I lived pretty. Tears were normal. I did not leave that way. Yes, they let me go, they got away, but it was normal. She sat down and understood on the table, holding hands, thanking us for work over the years, and I would not be happy or happy. It's important that I am alive and healthy and I love football.

– What do you dream about?
– Living and healthy were the most important to be alive and healthy. They have been dreaming for a few years to develop Slavia and young people.

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