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He showed the new Porsche 911 (photos and videos)

Porsche showed a new sports car model 911. Two versions were released worldwide: 911 Carrera S rear wheel drive and 911 Carrera 4S with four-wheel drive.

The appearance of the typical German sports brand was not particularly modified in the new 992. Traditionally, Porsche maintains evolution, not revolution, in every model. But there is still something proud.

It was not officially announced that the new 911 hybrid version would get it, but it is expected soon.

The new Porsche comes with a new PDK automatic transmission, which currently has a speed of eight. The car is 600 horsepower and has 443 horsepower, 23 more than the previous models. Later, a manual bend and a model of seven gears is expected.

Photo 391957

source: Porsche

Among the great technological innovations, the car already has "ears": an acoustic system that changes the movement of the wet road.

In addition, 911 rear wheels are now available.

The rear wheel drive reaches 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds and the four-wheel drive is 0.1 seconds faster. The maximum speed is greater than 300 km / h.

Stuttgart's brand names, engineers and designers have spent a lot of time on small details. In general, the new 911 is lower than the previous generation, largely due to a wider face of 45 mm.

Door handles are aligned with body like Tesla models and will appear when needed.

Photo 391955

source: Porsche

The rear mirror is the retrater and LED backlights that make up the look of the sport car. Most of the panels are aluminum, which helps reduce weight, but weighs 992 to 50 kg. More than the previous one.

Inside there are many changes. There is a 10.9-inch screen on the console and behind the wheel we will see it in five rounds of the 911 Porsche. The location of the tram location is only analogous, and on the two side screens there are 7 inches of screen to display various vehicles, GPS, media and other information.

Photo 391956

source: Porsche

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