Saturday , February 4 2023

IKEA produces 45,000 dangerous masses in the market


The Swedish furniture company draws around IKEA 45,000 folding markets worldwide today as it is in danger of lowering the space table, the French press has said.

"The withdrawal only refers to the white Glavarp sold since January 1, 2016," said IKEA in a statement.

The message is broadcasting 50 alerts to users who have warned the disassembly and removal of mass extensions. Six people were injured, and three of them were "in need of medical attention," said company spokeswoman Therese Fagerstedt in the French press.

The Glavarp mass sold 45,563 units worldwide from January 2017 to € 249 (the most exemplary 199 euros), the company said.

The owners of Glivepar boards are invited to return to the stores to be compensated.

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