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Ilon Musk is the main! His salary is 40,668 times his salary

If the head is driving Ferrari, then the employee can buy at least Ford. Tesla car company workers hardly ever see if they bought Ford, but they certainly can not afford a new electric car, says Bloomberg.

The United States Securities and Commissions Committee has reported that Ilo Musk has received an average of 40,668 times the average Tesla employee (an average of 4,600 dollars), and the average American average of 254: 1.

Musk introduced a $ 2.28 billion bill, mainly in the form of shares. As Tesla's boss is only $ 37,000, they are so unknown, even though they do not pay for their checks. With accessories and bonuses, the amount is $ 3 million. At the same time, their employees can not even benefit from a bonus. To date, Muk has 16 goals, but its company has achieved 2.

Its employees only divide money from its bosses, but their cars are smaller than other automobile engineers. And for that justice they did not even complain, Tesla's staff have no unions.

Many more million do not receive checks that do not earn money. Warren Buffett received 7 times more than the average staff of the Berkshire Hathaway Fund. Its salary was symbolic and accumulated its wealth and the securities traded.

Although Mark Zuckerberg is as hateful as Facebook scandals, it's the most symbolic award, the only one. But do not run the millionaire to see the generosity of distributing his salary among other workers. In fact, it has received $ 8.85 million in other expenses, especially for security and private aircraft.

Far away from the symbolic awards is the Jones Prize, which takes 2,500 times Bob Eiger, the average employee in Manhattan, who earns 1,500 times more than 1,000 times more coffee than Walt Disney and Kevin Johnson in the coffee chain. Starbucks.

But none of them is as rich as Musk; Because, as we have already mentioned, Tesla does not even have to pay for his checks. But he is probably keeping his money in a black day whose company is far from leading the development of electric cars.

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