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Inspired by Buffett's budget, it was $ 200 million.


14 years ago, when he was a non-cash student, Trevor Chapman started working as a pest planner to earn some dollars.

Then he started his solar panel company. He quickly expanded his operations in the three countries. Two years later, however, something is missing, and there is no shortage of time spent on the office.

"It's time to say:" I've been working for 30 years and have waited a while for my kids to think about living home from home. "Chapman you are.

He responded to this question that gave him an impetus to spend $ 200 on, offering an online store featuring a stunning range of items from China (kevlar pants, carbon diversification, inflatables, swinners and much more).

Within three months, Chapman changes his solar panel company for 12 hours a day for one and a half hours a week until he reaches his first $ 1 million sale.

Chapman convinces e-commerce to control all of the time and make the most of the money-winnings, without the inexperience of those who want to do something.

"In the summer, I and my family were traveling for three months, I always did something, but I could not do that." I stuck the chains to earn money, "he says.

How does everything start?

Chapman was not pleased with his solar panel business, and he did not see Warren Buffett saying: "If you do not have money while you sleep, you will work while you are dying."

Chapman opted for the best way of creating a passive income through electronic commerce. This is a great business. Online retail sales increased by 20% – 1.9 trillion. $ 2.3 trillion. 2015 dollar, according to a report from the Ecommerce Foundation in 2016.

But he wanted to make sure he was able to sell things on the Internet before he left his work.

"Online trading requires nothing like working, but you do not have to leave another business to negotiate another business," said Chapman at the age of 34.

He has spent several hours in his new project, and the initial costs are minimal: about $ 200, he says. Chapman buys $ 2.99 for one year and creates a Shopify account for $ 14 for tests.

The most expensive thing started Facebook's Facebook advertising for $ 100 a day. Will open on November 11, 2016

The first day, Chapman loses money

At first he sold the wrong product. "Originally, I sold Mormon art online, and it lasted 10 hours," he told CNBC. "I realized that what was offered online was not attractive enough to drive the place."

To reconnect, Chapman used a lesson that he learned from the solar panels business: "When you sell the door door, the product needs to be inviting people to go home," says Chapman.

"The same is true with online marketing: you can rip it with people you see on Facebook, you have to offer something interesting."

In this way, Mormon works of art fall, and sun-loungers are inflatable, where online store is a popular item. Alibaba and AliExpress Chinese manufacturers, Chapman bought other products that he bought for $ 4.99 and sold for $ 59.99.

To keep stock stock in stock to avoid cost and risk, he negotiated with China (well-known Chinese Chinese company WeChat) to provide orders to bring directly his requests to China and US clients – a practice known as droopshipping.

"This is the best way to check if a product is sold," he says.

Dropshielding also had other benefits: through a ePacket program, promoting online commerce and using a contract between email operators, the LDS supplied from China was cheaper, although it was delayed for some time.

Supplying additional accessories to Shanghai, for example, is cheaper than $ 2.29 or $ 5 for US shipping.

Chapman slept

While the orders were asleep, Chapman got something. "I've made money on the site every second day and every day," he says. After two weeks of launching, it created $ 10,000 sales per day.

The profit allows Chapman to hire a group of Filipinos to meet customer service. Every member of the $ 700 group pays for a month (the American standard is very low, the Philippine $ 400 is much higher than the average wage).

It also increases the advertising budget on Facebook, even more spending money on advertising products that attract more purchases.

After two months of the operation, the drosping problems have gone too far. The Chinese retailer pays 80,000 pesetas to supply inflatable loungers, replacing the approved product with a cheaper alternative.

While customers start to complain, LDSman replaces nearly 1,500 products. However, Chapman exceeds this obstacle and has won 48% of the tax.

As Chapman works well, he has recruited 800 square meters of Salt Lake City and has recruited five employees. LDSman is a move that allows business to move to the next level, but something that Chapman accepts is not for everyone, because it requires investment and commitment.

Chapman chooses the solar panel business, after having spent more than one hour in the warehouse and working with a warehouse and employee, works on the site and updates ads on Facebook.

Shortly after the company's 92nd day, when the site's first $ 1 million sales, Clarke Capital-based venture capital business Utah company contacted Chapman with the desire to add LDSman to its portfolio.

Chapman has given $ 3 million to refuse to buy offers to maintain their independence and to have income and time to work on their own projects.

For the time being, managing LDSman and managing sales of $ 350,000 a month. In the first six months, sales have reached $ 2 million. Chapman also leads an online marketing course.

Based on the commercial experience of Chinese products, Chapman also creates a new start. Along with his brother, he uses freight planes, especially Delta Airlines, to provide merchandise with cheap prices from Asia.

His newest client is an online trading company called Amazon. The employer is creating $ 10 million in billing for the first year. As with the old company, most of the work has been given to a group of people.

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