Wednesday , January 20 2021

Italy won in Finland 2-0

The Italian renewed by Roberto Mancini won in 2000 in his classification and Dacia Arena, the Scuadra Azzurra of Udinas, won 2-0 in the Finnish national team. Success was sealed for each purpose.

The purpose of Kescheru was not enough for Romania and Sweden for our neighbors in the north

The purpose of Kescheru was not enough for Romania and Sweden for our neighbors in the north

Scandinavians won 2: 1

The game has been well developed for hosts, it has arrived 7 minutes beforehand. The coach of Cyril Despoedov in Cagliari – Nicolo Barrela proved why he wanted all the grand finals of Europe. The Central Scandal has found a ball against the scandals and left no chance.

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Three points were a seal of 74 minutes, when Moses Kean made his first feature film to Italy. Ciro Immobile has made a great job for him, and he managed to win an equalizer against Juventus, which won 2-0 with his rival guardian.

The performance of Turban was delightful for Manchini, who had described it in previous hours as a future star of the world soccer. In general, the specialist is not mistaken for a young man who has bet on today's champions. Deserves a great review of the events: Donaruma, Pichini, Barrela, Keane and Nicole Dzaniola after the break.

In the next Italian round it will be Liechtenstein and Finns are looking for points in Armenia.

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1: 0 Barrel (7 "), 2: 0 Keane (74")

STADIUM: "Dacia Arena"

JUDGE: O. Grinfeld (Israel)

ITALY: Donaurra, Beiragi, Chiellini, Bonuci, Pichini, Verati, Giorgino, Barrela, Bernardeski, Immobile, Keane (Reservations: Cranio, Sirigu, El Shaarayui, Gribo, Mancini, Pavlovi, Politano, Kualarila, Romanoi, Sansi, Spinazola, Dzaniola)

FINLAND: Hradetski, Granuland, Toivio, Weissanen, Arauri, Pirinen, Lod, Spar, Chamber, Hamalainen, Puki (Reservations: Yoronen, Yakakola, Jensen, Karyaleinen, Kauko, Lam, Lapalainen, Shuler, Soyri, Samusalo, Taylor, Weissanen)

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