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Liverpool lost the Champions League after losing PSG + VIDEO

Finalist Liverpool last season will shake the final of 1/8 in the 1/8 final of the Championship after losing 1: 2 of the PS Champions, the most exciting team in the C championship.

Rich French have gotten a great deal of despair in the Park de Près, as much as possible in the direct deletion phase. The goals of hosts were Juan Bernat (13) and Neimar (37), and James Milner was sentenced to punishment in the first half. That was the only 90 minute Merseyside shot.

Napoli won the Red Star triumph in the 3-0 season. The Italians scored 9 points, PSG 8 points, Liverpool 6 points and Serbia 4 points, and they definitely abandoned. The England team and the Anfields team seem to be a fierce match in the top spot between Anfield. The guest will be one point or loss with one goal difference to go to 1/8 final. In San Paolo, Napoli won 1: 0 and a better goal against Liverpool. 7: 4 vs. 8: 7.

Thomas Tuhl, Atomon Cavani, Neimar and Kilian Mab, opted for its atomic tendency, but the latter did not return 100%. However, the collision with the Germans was endangered. Gianluigi Buffon was at the door, holding Tilo Keerer on the right side.

Jurgen Klop replied to Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane. The midfielders, James Milner, George Henderson and Georgin Vainillum played.

The PSG started the game, and Alison Becker, in the first minutes, made several strokes by Angel di Maria and Tiago Silva. In the 13th minute, there were not many guests saved. When Kilian Mbape was shooting, Virgil van Dike was placed. He then came to Juan Bernat, who shot without defense and landed 1-0 at Brazil without custody!

Liverpool responded with her great star Mohammed Salah. Egyptian national shock Gianluigi Buffon, it is difficult to get out of a position, but his sight fails. Gradually, he achieved leveling in English, but after half an hour the PSG set up a fast counter. Neimar finished the bad attempt on Alison.

In the 37th minute, the French team leveled. Mabape and Neimar played very well on the left slopes; So Unason Cavani discovered the French outer skirt. Alison scored, but the more expensive player in the history did not make mistakes and increased 2: 0.

At the end of the term, Di Maria Sadio Mane entered the kutxa. Without a doubt, Shimon Marcinja of Poland imposed a sentence on the judge. Behind the ball, James Milner crossed Buffon and returned to Liverpool 1: 2.

Shortly thereafter, when the game was renewed, Markinyos won the third goal for the PSG, but went straight to a season. After that, there were places of interest missing, as the guests were looking for a lesser level, while the French were telling. In the 70th minute Marguins overcame Deyan Lovren after a corner, but Alison died.

In the 77th minute, Juergen Klop made an offensive attack at least one point. Djardan Shakuri came to Milner's place. However, this did not give any results and PSG won 2: 1.

PSG – Liverpool 2: 1

Most winners: 1: 0 Bernat (13), 2: 0 Neimar (37), 2: 1 Milner (45-e)

PSG: Buffon, Bernat, Kimpembe, Silva, Keerer, Marquinho, Verati, Di Maria (65-Alves), Babe (85-Rabio), Neimar, Cavan
trainer: Thomas Tuhle

Liverpool: Alison, Gomez, Lovren, Van Dijk, Robertson, Milner (77-Shakuri), Henderson, Wainludum (66-Keita), Mane, Salah, Firmino
manager: Jurgen Klop

Paris, "Park de Prens"
Judge: Shimon Marcinjak (Poland)
Yellow card: Verati, Neimar (PSG); Wainlundum, Gomez, Sturridge, Van Dijk, Robertson, Keith (Liverpool)

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