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Manchester City lost to defeat West Ham + VIDEO

Manchester City defeated West Ham at 1-0 West Ham at the 28th England Premier League in Etihad Stadium.

The result was that the players of London, Pep Guardiola, were on the pitch in the middle of the field, but could not print the hammer.

In the second half, the "citizens" continued to control what had happened to the field, after the position of Lukas Fabianski's position, and earned a complete merit for Sergio Aguero (59 & # 39;) as a penalty.

Therefore, Ciudad scored 68 points in the second place and earned a little less than Liverpool, winning Watford 5-0. West Ham is tenth and has 36 points.

Logically, the first referee's signal was based on hosts' half-hammers "and the first one was in danger on the 5th. David Silva entered the penalty area, making a wonderful double bet. However, the Spaniard could not catch the scooter.

In the minute 26, Sergio Agüero went straight into the corner and got a rojibelet at the front door. His strike, however, was blocked by Diope, who was heroically in charge of Argentina.

The "Citizens" continued to be under the control of what was going on in the field, holding the ball in just a few minutes, indicating the 82:10 bounce rate in Manchester United.

In the minute 33, Nicholas Otamendi was the goalkeeper. The defender deflected a corner kick and led the ball towards the door. However, the street overcame the right beam.

In the first half until the end, the players joined Lucas Fabian's door, but that did not happen. The players took a break from the rumor and 11: 0 for the hosts.

In the second half, guests arrived at the first danger, outside the door of the City. Thus, in the minute 51, Felipe Andersson was in danger of passing the penalty and the door made a diagonal shot in the left corner. But Ederson was careful and killed.

In the minute 58, after losing penalty for "citizens", Bernardo Silva came to the ground. Sergio Agüero was the leader and the cold: 1: 0.

In the minute 65, Rahim Stirling appeared on the banner and led the door. Fabianski passed the strike. The goalkeeper showed great skills with David Silva with his team and saved the second from the second team.

In the minute 78, Ciudad Real attacked, with Aguero having finished with Stirling, close to the door. Brit tried to grow fast, but Frederick blocked the strike.

Manchester City – West Ham 1-0

Most winners: Sergio Aguero (59 & # 39;)

city: Eindsson, Danilo, Compañía, Otamendi, Zinchenko, Gundogan, D. Silva, De Bourne, Marse (Sterling 55 & # 39;), Sane (B. Silva 58 & # 39;), Aguero (Foden 85 & # 39;)
manager: Pep Guardiola

West Ham: Fabian, Fredericks, Diop, Ogbone, Johnson (Sabaleta 64 & # 39;), Obiyang, Rice, Antonio, Nasri (Lansini 46 & # 39;), Anderson (Diangana 77 & # 39;)
manager: Manuel Pellegrini

Manchester stadium "Etihad"
Judge: Stewart Atwell
Yellow card: Fredericks, Antonio (West Ham)

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