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Michelle Legran: Bulgarian folklore, especially the woman, is one of the best things I know about music

Michelle Legran

At the age of 86, the musician Michelle Legragan's "The Sherburi Umbrellas" and "The ladies of Rochefort" deaths died. The legend of composers has died in Paris. Leonran is the only composer, has won three Oscars and three five Grammy Awards for 50 years. His record has more than 100 albums. He has worked with great musicians such as Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Charles Avisvur, Miles Davis and many others.

The famous composer knows the shows of Ivo Papazov

An interview with legendary musician, pianist and singer Michelle Legere was held at the National Culture Palace (December 1988 / January 1989) at important New Year's Music Festivals. In our country, "The Shrews Umbrellas" and "The Missing of Rochefort" were known as the composer (directed by Jacques Demi, Catherine Denyov).

But other master performances were still unknown to many Bulgarian viewers. Michelle Legere was one of the first jazz artist in her foreclosure program.

Physically, Michelle Legran shocked: very critical and moving, it is a challenge for music journalists. He returned from Borovets, where a fall darkened the skis. The NPC leaders were practicing a special financial policy to visit the world's visitors. He paid his fees, artists who had to spend in our country. Pamporovo or Borovets was a way to pay short winter vacations.

– Do contemporary composers need direct live relationships with the audience, not only through mediation of their work? A serious problem that confesses the world music community.

– All authors must be in touch with viewers. If they only sleep, if they close their offices, they will gradually lose their talent. I do not write any music, because the audience catch it, but when you realize you love it, you'll get the courage. Our craft is flowers. To avoid this simplicity, for us, today's musicians, we must live in the world among people. That's why I want to have all sorts of music presence.

– What makes a show on stage, that is, more than one American, than French?

– You have to be right. But for me

music is something

fortunately what to do to me

it brings happiness

I would always like to have my music and, perhaps, with the audience and my concerts.

– Ever since Michelle Lawer's jazz excitement?

– It was in 1958 when I got to New York to record the album. I was very young and enthusiastic in the country of jazz. For this, I chose the musicians I only knew from records and recordings. I do not know what kind of people are, how my music and my personality will be done as a pianist. I was very happy because they called Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Phil Woods, Ray Brown and others. according to this rank. Albums are called "Legrand Jazz", and 11 of them are composed by jazz giants, divided into three different compositions. The plate is already classic in the West and often changes. Do you have

"No, I do not, and I have not heard.

"If you give us your address, I will send it to you." (I gave my address, but I did not get an album, but I did not give it to Michelle Leger's misrepresentation, but we kept the revolution of our services from "ideological deviation".

From now on, our interview jumps into a different direction, fascinated by self-esteem. Lögren points out that he is listening to and recording recordings of Bulgarian folklore that he had in the 1960s. Marcel Celie's "The Bulgarian Voices Mystery" album is not questioned, and it has been confirmed. But Joe Boyd also knows the recordings made by Ivo Papazov.

Bulgarian folk, especially feminine, is one of the best things I know about music.

"Your sister is known for the participation of the famous" Sons de Pari double "and" Swing Singers. "Did not you get it through the style of renowned music recordings of classical musicians?

"My sister Kristina is a true cross, a soprano, my voice is plain, but I love being in the middle of a group of singers, so I sang" Ses de Pari double "and" Blues Star ". Swingle Singers suggested me She was my sister.

Yes, I suggested him

he uses baroque


A respected rhythmic section. I could not get that idea out personally, because it was deeply in film music. Then Christian invited Ward Swing and had a great success. Then, with my idea, he created a new Quanner group. He used it among the best pianists transcribed in human voices.


* French voice groups are rarely known in Bulgaria. First, "Daniel de Paris" is a sub-cultural nationality against Paris cinema. The young people of Paris, in the Nazi occupation, are honored by American fashion and jazz. Without a doubt, war subculture is a catalyst that promotes rapid European jazz. It has an etymological root of the French "suzzia" ("sake") in Bulgaria.

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