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Mithy Eyes is a tough blow! Two identifying murders sent to prison in Nessebar (PHOTO) – BLITZ

Two unknown killings on the two Provincial Prosecutor's Offices in Burges happened last month. In the capital, Flagman reports.

One of them clarifies evidence and evidence of reliable material Nessebar's Al Capone Dimitar Zhelyazkov-Eyes hinders. In both cases there are strong research actions. Zhelyazkov continues to run into a prisoner of Istanbul and we wanted to pray through our attorney's diplomatic missions, after joining OCG's leader, on August 1, so far has not been successful, but there is an explanation.

On July 13, 2005, a bomb exploded at a bend in a 1.3 kg trotyl
2 year old Maria and her mother, Zlatina, accused of accusing her
Warranty is not available yet

"The Turkish Ministry of Justice's writings have been written and there is no way to return to Sofia, as planned on January 4, 2019. The reason for the advancement is the insistence of our country, it is very serious," said East, cited by Flagman.

For now, investigations of trusted witnesses have been set up in the capital, supposedly, because of the sudden arrests of the detainees, they had an alleged cause in their eyes.

The first is Georgi Sivkov's shoot in front of the "Zhega" Burgas bar, from October 2000. The 20-year limitation period for the criminal proceedings will expire. In 2001, a crime against Yordan Drosev-Black occurred, which was closely watched, but when he was imprisoned, a leukemia was killed in prison while serving another sentence.

Sivkov, the center of Burgas and the creation of a distribution drug organized by Meden Rudnik, the network that was created in the mid-90s in recent years. The businessman Pomorie and Nessebar were removed from business, where he had a clear tutor.

The second attempt is July 13, 2005 – The double murder of Obzor, whose prescription is 35 years.

The bombing of a two-year-old daughter and her 28-year-old wife was Rally Penkoven, a woman at the beach tenant. After a violent operation, they arrested two internal Eyes circles: Strahil Kapelov and Nikolay Popov-Teapot. However, with Penkov's blackmail they wanted to get 300,000 cams. After an agreement with the accusation, the two suspects had minimal sentences. Strahil Kapelov is currently living in Spain, and Chaynika is not here.
"There are witnesses that have been questioned in both cases: those who have strengthened and spoke, who gave evidence, but that has been conditioned. We will not return our eyes in our time, although at least we are preparing our reasonable participation" he said. our source

So the accounts of Nessebar leaders would be wrong. His lawyer's preliminary plan was to consider the months of Turkish arrests. In fact, the arrest arrested the arrest of Sofia. And so far, since the OCG meeting on the speculation against the arrest was not enough, it was not enough. Jelyazov could have a risk of being in a hurry to go home, and he was also at an "ordinary" risk to successfully enter the autumn season.


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