Wednesday , March 3 2021

Mladen Plovdiven left prison; A few hours later, his corpse found Komatev crown. Blitz

A prisoner oncologist took a loop and an extra hour later he committed suicide. Mladen Mladenov, 59-year-old male Plovdiv opened on Hristo Botev Blvd on the road tonight under the Komatev knot.

The defenseless man crossed a young driver and told him in 112.

The site was run by a team of the Second District Government and an Emergency Medical Center. Police and doctors found man's death. Later, the Boulevard arrived and the medical examination was carried out by the body.

According to Maritza, the suspicion of an accident or murder fell rapidly because the male pockets had found papers and money. When he had turned his way, he jumped across the passage and threw himself into suicide.

On Monday, Mladen was released from Plovdiv prison, giving a second sentence by the Supreme Court of Smolyan District.

Under the mountain, this name was held this summer on the seventh floor of the prison hospital, which was taken to the hospital on July 12. Then it was clear that human beings suffered serious oncological illnesses – colon cancer. Confirmed information also underwent schizophrenia. Two days later, the fugitive was captured by officers of the third district of Maritxu Blvd and, as a result, overnight they passed the banks that were next to the banks. Mladen returned to prison to keep his sentence for just four months. He repeatedly warned the relatives and the management of the dungeons he wanted to touch his life. He only came out of his way.

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