Monday , October 3 2022

Ninova has complained about the police


BSP leader Cornelia Ninova has been prosecuted for police harassment. He said yesterday announced his plans for the deaths of the shepherds killed, due to the plague, he was arrested in a police patrol in the village of Sharkovo, and his meeting was under control. Ninova explained that the same thing happened in the town of Golyamo Sharkovo, where he was waiting for another police patrol.

"People are very surprised, because the police have not seen so many places in a place, despite reports from robberies, attacks and robbery from their homes," he said.

BSP leaders expressed surprise even with his grandmother Dora, a protest symbol, The police were under custody. The state of Bolyarovo and Yambol was no different.

"We have not declared an emergency," Ninova joked. When asked by police officers, the police said a request from Sofía was not "let eyes".

Regarding the country's constitution, the Socialist said The police command reveals the law. That's why Ninova Boyko Borisov asked for an explanation from the Prime Minister who and why he was instructed to remain under police custody. He made the official response to the Prime Minister.

Socialist tribunals keep Dora's granddaughter's father from Sharkovo

Socialist tribunals keep Dora's granddaughter's father from Sharkovo

The decision of the Administrative Court is also awaiting

"Mr. Borisov, free people in a free country?"He asked and added that if the objective of observation is to limit its actions, it will not work. Ninova said that there is no need for anyone to take care of their safety because they feel good people.

"Someone will give you money and energy" The police in each town, not the police, after the opposition chief"he emphasized, and stressed that he was playing government behavior police

Ninova was not afraid of people who were not afraid of expressing his speech.

"You are free people. Whether it is a free freedom or not depends on each one of us"he said.

As for the farmer at the Yambol village ranch, Ninova said the situation was not enough.

No one remembers the peasant's tragedy in the regionBSP criticizes leader.

According to Ninova, the organizations have forgotten that they were accused of having to pay their credit commitments and to pay off their credit commitments after they killed the animal.

A part of a direct chain blocking the murder of Sharkovo's animals

A part of a direct chain blocking the murder of Sharkovo's animals

They want to kill the order in order

According to the Socialist, the worst is after the incident,no one will leave the region. He thinks it is the worst impact

Ninova emphasized that the quarantine was still five months The animal is not dead.

Nowadays, people have said they are not animals that prove ill, he said, and the government refused the death of unnecessary and arbitrary killings of innocent people.

Porozhanov had to be a minister for a long time and to meet other organizations. We will do our best to take responsibility, Cornelia Ninova.

Sharkovo's last 3 animals were killed

Sharkovo's last 3 animals were killed

22 samples of 22 sheep and animal pests have been confirmed in the region

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