Monday , August 8 2022

Orban Zhoro Milanov relaxed – Sports


Georgi Milanov played the next powerful Mall Vedy match. The Bulgarian midfielder won a valuable victory against Wipesh 1-0, Roland Yuhash in the 58th minute. This game was memorable: the first Mally Vidy at the Arena Mora Arena in the renovated building Sosto. Viktor Orban, Hungarian Prime Minister, highlights the modern Szekesfehervar facility. Georgi Milanov and his teammates have been the "culprit" after playing in the town of Felchut in Pancho Arena. It's known that Mall Vedy Orban is a team that has played a key role in this summer's team at Milanov. Last night, he was surprised by the fact that the Bulgarians surprised him and gave him a welcome entry to the new stadium.

From then on, Mall Viedi got 25 points in the Hungarian Championship after 14 rounds. Milanov and the company are behind the 5th leader of the Ferencvaros in Barcelona. The rich program "Mall Arena Sozot" was inaugurated last night. Light effects and dance shows were in the stadium. Music entertainers also entertained. Club youth clubs were also.

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