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Policy | UDF Vladimir Kisyov refused to be a candidate for European elections

Vladimir Kisyov

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Vladimir Kisyov

UDF Vladimir Kisyov called for the general election of the European general election, announced he would not execute. His opinion was announced by Rumen Hristov, a member of the BTA.

Kisyov GERB, the former mayor of Sofia, Borissov, was called upon to take part in the participation in the list, the former mayor of Sofia reminded Kisyov that he was the head of the city council, and he only supported GERB as a political force. "I have known Vlado Kisyov since I was a CSS chairman, and I became an adviser to any non-alkylist (…) I trust your wisdom, my friend, not to forget Vlado Kisyov first negotiating with the EU. Borisov told Kisyov In a few days in a joint meeting, when the election was decided to participate together.

At the moment, in Pleven, the UDF National Council ordered the GERB to end the talks and signed a political agreement to join the European elections on May 26.

Likewise, it was decided to reduce the nomination deadline, voted on the previous March on March 15. Candidates for election to European elections will be accepted at the party headquarters until Tuesday 11th of March, so the last names will be proposed on Thursday with the latest negotiations with the GERB.

"I think we have made a step in the right direction for the Democratic Forces of the Union and the desire of the GERB to unify the right-wing votes of the European Union's People's Party, which is highly stabilizing for us. We are the oldest EPP member in the European Union, and there is nothing logical to be the EPP's largest member of the European elections." said Rumen Hristov to journalists.
Only European election agreement was agreed. The purpose of the GERB is to achieve eight seats. According to Christov, two UDF candidates will be on the list, in an elective post.

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