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Rain and Trunks On Easter – Bulgarian News

The Great Saturn will be sunny until the sun sunsets. To change the weather situation in the afternoon the sun is expected, it will be life in mid-western Bulgaria. The atmosphere is unstable, the thunder can cause conditions and threatening dangers, in the midst of the Danube Plain and the Upper Dirt Route. In 14 areas, there is a time-consuming yellow code.

A cold atmospheric front passes over the Balkans. Along with the high temperatures of the day, dynamic weather conditions are essential for extreme phenomena. The frontal movement is from east to west – this afternoon, rains and storms will be west of Bulgaria. On the night, Sunday and Easter, it will rain in the eastern regions.

During the week after Easter, the weather is not sunny and with the storm in the afternoon. The temperature of the day will be around 20 degrees.

Due to the precipitation on Saturday and Sunday, fertility is threatened by the lower part of the lower Ogosta in Bulgaria.

And this morning marks the air dust in the cities of the 7 cities of the country – Vidin, Pleven, Lovech, Pernik, Sofia, Plovdiv and Smolyan. The fine dust particles are concentrated above daily average standards, as well as in the Vitoshita stations of Kopitto, 1,350 meters from the sea level and Rozhen Rhodopes at 1,750 meters above sea level. The cause of contamination is a vast cloud of powder in the north of Africa.

At the end of the Easter holidays there may be mud. At the beginning of the new week, however, dust would take place east and back.

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