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Review: Thousands of millions, money is enough to get a law – Bulgaria

"This is a success. It's small, but it's a success, there are 166 tanks, and it's 5 million 5 million liters, which is a liter of 1 liter per day," said Hello, Bulgaria. NOVA MP United Patriots Emil Dimitrov – last year The magazine is revealed by the amount of BUL 5 300 000 of carbon sales. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is the result of inspections at 143 gas stations, following the signs of the Bulgarian Petroleum and Gas Association.

The Ministry of Economy should map all Bulgarian gas stations, including agriculture. But this is not over, the officials of the Interior Ministry are now in charge of this task.

"Since last year, there have been 100 sites or 200 reports, but we do not know who they are. There are people who say they are farmers, but they have not been proven. Instead, they now have to describe and inspect the police, it should be in reverse order," Dimitrov said.

He stressed that it was easier to counteract smuggling against cigarettes, because only factors are 2. At the same time, fuel taxation is 111 Bulgaria.

The Parliament is afraid that the pressure on the gray economy, which is estimated to be over a million, can undermine it.

"When you have 1,000 million shadow economy – money is enough for everyone and anyone who can overcome a law and who can stop it, and pay taxes, customs. The pressure is very high on the border, as tanks stand, workers say," If I verify, my last day of work It is, "said the Reviewers." They have great pressure, both damaged and institutional. "

Dimitrov also mentioned high-quality low quality low-voltage gasoline service stations at the Vesselin Mareshki Volya party.

"Mareshki is not importing, I know he's charging it in. Recently, his fuel comes from ordinary importer, and gasoline stations are no worse than anybody else. There are a few cases of uneven fuel coming from a poor warehouse," he says.

"All traders have bought fuel from warehouses. Large chains are constantly under control," Dimitrov said.

Prime Minister Boiko Borisov said he has the right to mitigate trade in fuel. "Personally I will help, but it's very slow."

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