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The Bulgarian flag Peter Stoychev made his first training in Antarctica

The Bulgarian flag Peter Stoychev made his first training in Antarctica

November 22, 2018 | 11:31 | FOCUS News Agency

Connecticut island If you have trouble getting into the water today, today's Petar Stoychev and the other 15 athletes have drilled the first icy water drill in Antarctica. The event took place on the island of Couverville Bay, and as soon as it landed, and then in the water, Stoychev blazed the Bulgarian flag.

"I'm glad I landed on the ground and then I made a drill in the water. A unique sensation. First of all we had hundreds of penguins gathered, but I was not afraid of them, but they were very close, and the races created a seasonal pontoon and We went into cold water, the temperature was 0.7 degrees less, and the air was 2.4 minus. I spent 6-7 minutes in person, only pools, glasses, silicone hats and facial faces to keep them in the head. Nobody's cold I used to use the lotions, it was forbidden, and we were led by the International Federation of the Ice Federation. I asked the captain of the ship to ask for a benchmark in the National Palace of Sofia, a satellite navigation satellite that was 14,034 kilometers away from our capital. Again, I went down in the series 4th, Russia, South Africa Together with my Brazilian colleagues. We will start living and healthy in the next 24 hours. The weather is normal so far, the strong winds and snowstorms have fallen, and the sun was better tonight. When I took the flagship and went into the water, I remembered the great Bulgarians, for many years to keep the Jordanian tradition and into the waters of the rivers, lakes and sea. I also went back to the Antarctic for health for me and my family, as well as for Bulgaria, "said Petar Stoychev, a satellite connection.

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