Monday , November 29 2021

The Pele VIDEO era record was broken


Brazil secured their fourth consecutive victory in four matches played in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in South America, after a 2-0 away win over Uruguay.

This is the best start for Celesao in the last 51 years in the world playoffs. Last time, they won the first four games of their performances before the 70-year-old “golden” World Cup, when Pelere won six qualifying matches for their team.

Uruguay started the match hard and Darwin Nunes knocked on Ederson’s goal. Gradually, Brazil took the lead in the match and in the 34th minute Artur scored with a precise shot from the edge of the area.

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Before the break, Celesao scored the second goal when Richardson headed in a header after a cross from Renan Lodi. In the second half Gabriel Jesus chased the home defense, but the Brazilians did not score more goals.

Dissatisfied with the development of the match, the Uruguayans responded with a rougher game, representing four yellow cards in the second half, and the striker Edinson Cavani was sent off in the 71st minute.

Brazil is the leader in the South American standings with a total of 12 points, and Uruguay is fifth with six, ahead of both Chile and Colombia. The first four teams qualify directly for the Qatar 2022 World Championships, and the fifth will play an intercontinental barrage.

Uruguay – Brazil 0: 2
0: 1 Arthur (34), 0: 2 Richarlison (45)

Uruguay: Campania, Cáceres, Jiménez, Godin, Oliveros, Nandez, Torreira (60-Arambari), Bentancourt (60-B. Rodriguez), De la Cruz (70-H. Rodriguez), Cavani, Nunes

Brazil: Ederson, Renan Lodi, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Danilo, Everton Ribeiro (90 + 2-Lucas Packetta), Douglas (90 + 2-Bruno Guimaraes), Arthur, Richardson (70-Everton), Roberto Firmino, Gabriel Jesus

Montevideo, Centenary
Referee: Roberto Tobar (Chile)
Yellow cards: Cáceres, Jiménez, Nandez, H. Rodríguez (Uruguay); Marquinhos, Douglas Lewis, Richardson (Brazil)
Red card: 71-Cavani (Uruguay)

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