Monday , June 21 2021

They were convicted of a man arrested in the wrongdoing of the Interior Ministry

The Stara Zagora court approved the first step taken by Marian Ivanov, a 19-month-old undergraduate, according to the opinion of experts from the Interior Ministry's Directorate, Lachezar Bosakov said he was a lawyer. Penalty is only about 500 leva because it is irrelevant. There are 0.3 grams of marijuana worth 2.30 levies, but the current decision will cost 3,000 cams for a case of 34-year-old men. It is nonsense that they make up the sum of the specialized local police laboratory (currently certified), which is why the bar is behind. phenylethylaminePharmacy has been designated as amphetamine.

Following a new expert from the Institute of Science for the Ministry of the District of Sofia, the mistake was proved and Mariane was released a year ago. Although he was considered innocent in prison, the minimal cannabis found in his baggage was underlined an effective phrase, and he made the decision for the first sentence of punishment. The court has ruled that the reason is not to go to jail, but to pay experts.

Here's what was written in this writer's attorney:

"In the case of Stara Zagora, another serious injustice is not being opened to the Supreme Court of Cassation, which is the only option to bring the case to Sofia, where magistrates comply with the law, unlike" courts of our courts "and practically the High Court of Catalonia. It is not a criminal act, though formally and in spite of a crime that is envisaged by the law, because evil is not public or its public danger is clearly reflected – b.) But excuses are the main objective without the ability to condemn the condition of his life of detention. I'm sorry to say that, friends, but there are no laws in our bad state. There is a repressive device that breaks up a small man until he dreams of living here, and at the same time shuts his eyes against the greatest crime of the state. Pity ".

The lawyer at lawyer has said he will not give up and will recover the trial, through the Criminal Procedure Code or the Compensatory Liability Law.

Marian said,

"I do not need to say a word about paying the costs I had from prison, I received 150 people from the Workweek Manager and since I was unemployed I went to the United Kingdom, I put on the plasterboard, I painted it, and on the Saturday and Sunday I was in the hall. When I returned to Bulgaria to the airport, on the way to both terminals, He attacked me and stole my backpack all the money At least I ran away and did not fight, and my phone remained in me. But the other day I borrowed the money back to get a new ID. It's a bad thing, even if I started, I'll get the most money to pay. Also, my teeth are very bad from prison, I do not know what to do. They said they could not place the bridges, and they had to be directly implanted at 1000 meters, when I was there, keeping watch over the months, things got worse. And I I have no money to pay in my room… ".

The young man said he was surprised to hear that he had stayed for a few minutes, and the prosecutor said he had found 20 grams of amphetamine.

"The prosecutor Bosakov asked:" Does the prosecutor have read this case? "Obviously, he did not know that he was a complementary food supplement," said Marian.

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