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Triumphant killer, personally Markovski lawyer police judges, rolls in soccer football and freak freaks – Blitz


Only two years ago, on November 26, 2016, when he was guilty of 1.28, drugged, without books and more than 100 km, three men were killed by Lyaskovet. The tragedy shook the whole country, Bisser Arsov escaped to the Netherlands and declared the search, writes

He is currently 33 years old, lives in Varbitsa, and has also played in local soccer teams. The Court has given the Supreme Court a year, but it has been delayed for several reasons, and now it does not yet know it would be a lawyer. In the meantime, the relatives of the victims are waiting for justice!

Bisser was behind the wheel of Ford Mondeo that night, with a 19 year-old son and a 13-year-old boy. The three of them jumped at Petko Karavelovo on Saturday night and Gorna Oryahovitsa went to the disc. Then in the cloud, Ford crashed three men and three others were injured in bloody tremor.

Two days later, tragedy participants fought with fake police versions, and originally thought they were driving in a 19-year car. The witnesses, however, confirmed the Biser behind the wheel, who was drunk and probably without drugs and booklets. In addition, Bisser Arsov has already condemned driving the car after drinking alcohol. When the man came out, Gorna Oryahovitsa fell off the road to avoid police, but a car was found after a catastrophe. The wine was taken by a 19 year UAA arrested at the age of 24 years.

Wicked disaster left three relatives and no parents. Mario Nachev, 37-year-old Nikolay Paralasov D Oryahovitsa and 41-year-old Tony Paunov Gorna Oryahovitsa were overwhelmed and a 55-year-old survivor of Dancho K. He turned Opel Corsa and asked for the driver's help. Lada Niva came to a car with three friends. While men struggled to extract opium, they were immersed by Ford Mondeo, furiously and fiercely. Arsov concluded that he had driven more than 100 kilometers in length.

During the crash, Bisser himself injured himself and entered the hospital. For that reason, he was not arrested and the prosecution office imposed a measure of 2,000 BGN in non-governance. Leaving the hospital, Arsov worked in the Netherlands. When the researchers are looking, they will not return to our country, and they will designate a national search. They have been from May of 2017. The police took Gorna Oryahovitsa, who was not there, but came to Marin Markovsky's famous lawyer.

Arsov was sent to justice and arrested at the request of the prosecutor's office. The court, however, arrests. Proof of measure, recharged with a BGN guarantee of 2000. This is the final measure of the defendant Biser Arsov.

The case has been dragged for a year to the Court Court and has been delayed. It will be scheduled until December 12, and relatives will finally be waiting for the delay. They are the only private prosecutors and they do not commit any guilty claimants, because the author is a practical mass of payment for the insurer!
In these cases it is a strange thing that Bisser Arsov denies a short court, is not guilty and is carried out by regular interrogation of witnesses. Does the deceased murder on the road also remove a conditional sentence as it already exists in the Court? Or at this time
it will be fully justified.

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