Monday , July 4 2022

Two of them left the Big Brother House – Development Issues


This afternoon, Etxea left two friends and Emanuela Martín, Martín. With the audience's willingness, the show ended with the most significant part of this season's Stoyan Royanov YA. His outings fascinated Juliana and Albena, but he was massacred by Gamov, and Borislav could not believe it. Before Niki Kanchev, Stoyane thanked him and thanked the secretary of SDI Gamovi, saying he loved him.

Martin entrance to the house Emanuel's eyes were a great sacrifice. It was clear that they were split over the last three months, and the appearance of the show surprised his mother and did not feel well, and he stopped. His last brother attempted to resign to the grandmother, but was confessed. "I loved this game, it was a dream that was here, but I also have personal life, when I leave my regret for Martin, here for a sacrifice. Today, I have my need and it's important for me. I think the decision is correct"I told him the best Big Brother singer – what he most demanded.

Tomorrow, at 9:00 pm, we will see a show called "Love Waves". Couples must pass the compatibility test. Who is the strongest Tandem and how to manage Zlatka and Blagoy and Nikita and Borislav? In Big Brother: Most Wanted, we will find tomorrow at NOVA.

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