Sunday , December 5 2021

VIVACOM Smart plans have even more megabytes – News


A new promotion of VIVACOM’s smart tariff plans promises even more megabytes for consumers. For example, Smart U customers will receive 10 times more megabytes of 500,000 MB per month in the first year of the contract. The Smart XL + plan comes with 8 times more megabytes per month or 200,000 MB. The Smart XL collects 6 times more or 90,000 MB per month. Those who opt for Smart L + will have 4 times more megabytes – 40,000 MB, and with Smart L megabytes they will double to 8,000 MB per month in the first 12 months.

The plans are for the full duration of the contract with free subscription to the TIDAL music platform, cloud storage on pCloud and access to the TV GO interactive media portal. As a bonus for the first three months, VIVACOM offers an additional traffic of between 10,000 and 30,000 MB to the TV GO app, depending on the selected mobile plan. Smart plans have a budget of up to 30 BGN per month for TV GO TV content.

All VIVACOM mobile voice services customers also receive a VIVACAY plan for their VIVACAY digital wallet, paid for free by VIVACOM, if they have used a VIVACOM mobile number when registering. Users can receive another discount of BGN 1 and a 2000 MB Internet gift with each payment of their monthly bill through the My VIVACOM mobile app. The company stated that according to the selected plan, there are 10 times more megabytes for customers on the i-Traffic planet.

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