Thursday , December 9 2021

You will fall! Here is the sexiest man in the 2020 PICTURES


Actor and producer Michael B. Jordan, who became famous for his film “Black Panther,” was chosen by People magazine as the sexiest man, the Associated Press and Reuters reported.

A black person receives the title for the third year in a row. Last year it was an honor for musician John Legend, and in 2018 for British actor Idris Elba, the BTA reported.

Michael B. Jordan said the title has given him confidence. “It’s good to be in this club,” he admitted in an interview with People magazine.

The 33-year-old actor began his career as a child in the TV series All My Children. He rose to fame in Hollywood, and his breakthrough came in 2013 in the drama “The Fruitvale Station Incident.” In the film The Black Panther.

Michael B. Jordan is an advocate for greater diversity in Hollywood.

The title of People magazine makes many women in her family happy, said Michael B. Jordan.

“When Grandma was alive, she collected the magazine and of course her mother reads a lot and my aunt. They will definitely find a special place for this issue,” he assured.

Michael B. Jordan is in the People magazine issue that goes on sale Friday.

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