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10 toothbrushes that cleans your teeth at Y-Brush at CES



Y-Brushes were designed to clean every tooth 10 seconds in your mouth.


Thereafter, Anarkia is taking place this year at the CES. Teeth whitening They injure you. Do you want to have the equipment? But what do we know about them? The FasTeesH French company needs 10 seconds to properly clean the teeth. Of course, you must use the company's new toothbrush named Y-Brotxa.

A well-known 10-second toothbrush, Y-Brochette is all the efficiency. Instead of the small head of the regular toothbrushes, Y-Brotx cleanses the mouth at a time.

Y-Brushes does not have a regular brush. Instead, it's a small sneaker for the sport. The Y-Brush tray is full of nylon stitches located at 45 degrees angles. ADA recommends that you have a "normal" brush on your rubber band. There are four-sided trays for adults, aimed at children.


There are two pieces of Y-Brotxa. Trapezoidal engine and brush tray.


In front of the brush, there is a large trapezoid-shaped motor with a great shaking brush. There are three different vibration settings to find the most convenient for you. The handle and the toothbrush form the shape of the "Y" shape.

Use it to add toothpaste, put Y-Brush in your mouth and turn the engine on. As the brushes vibrate, you make the cutting machine in 5 seconds and then remove it, flip-and-fold the Y-brush.

Amazing sound type, right? While I tried CES I did not see it permanently. Y-Brush is in clinical trials, it is not necessary for dental brushes commercial. Also, this time, Y-Brotxa does not review ADA here in the US.

Y-Brush costs $ 125, approximately £ 100 and AU $ 175, that is, the cost of an electric electric brush premium. You will find a handle, a brush, a charging station, a storage basket and a toothpaste applicator.

Today you can save the Y-brush with deliveries expected in April 2019.


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