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2 Drones that have not been found near the Gatwick Airport are closing down

The UK police said Saturday that two drones near London's Gatwick Airport were not busy at the busy days of the Christmas day before Christmas.

Sussex Police Giles Giles York Director BBC Radio has reported that the police have searched for 26 potential starters near the airport, but found that they did not find a drone on the 19th of December 19-20.

York said "it was absolutely certain that the airport was closed."

A senior detective said last week it could be possible that drones did not arrive at the airport from the airport last week, the mess is being created, but the police later stressed that the drone's observations were true.

The closure of the airport has landed more than 100,000 people or was delayed in the worst accident in the international airport drones.

No one is responsible, even if the deployment of military assets is monitored and discussed against aircraft flights.

Two people – Paul Gait and Elaine Kirk – arrested a few minutes after Gatwick Airport, but two days later, the police were no longer suspected.

After his release, he complained about the controversy surrounding Gait's controversy, and published the newspapers of the previous newspaper. York talked about her radio interview to apologize, but it was the cause of arrest.

"I'm sorry for what happened, but why we celebrated it, so we've all been in vain as quickly as possible," said York.

Drone intrusion motifs are not clear

The police revealed earlier that the damaged Drone was close to the airport and tested DNA, fingerprints and other clues.

The reason for the Drone intrusion is not yet clear. The authors have said that there was no incident with "terrorism".

Workers have not installed military equipment.

British officials say other U.K. equipment they are capable of spreading the airport equipment. It is not clear whether anti-counter measures have increased in other major British airports.

Gatwick Airport, the number of passengers in the British highway, is located 45 kilometers south of London. Every year it manages about 43 million passengers.

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