Monday , October 25 2021

2 men take charge of bank robberies linked to the chain


Both men face many positions in the bank robbery throughout the city.

Four robberies occurred in November two days ago, and three were allegedly committed on December 3, according to police.

The Toronto police said, Cabbage. 15 and Nov. At the age of 16, a man wearing black gloves separated four branches of the bank.

Once inside, he found his hat on his head. He then warned that he had approached the cashier and asked for a large sum of money, a gun that threatened to shoot.

For the moment, the man got an amount of money before running away, the police said, and the man added three additional branches of bank on June 3, and made similar requests.

When police said in a robbery, the man had two banking customers, asking for money.

After robbing the bank, the man fled in a stolen vehicle driven by a accomplice, the police said.

For example, police were called and official responses were made by men, but they stopped the vehicle and escaped on foot.

After dressing on foot, the police station leaves the driver of the vehicle – a fixed address that does not have a 21-year-old man. Six charges, including the number of three robberies in the army, were opposed. The court must appear on December 20th.

The second man, the 19-year-old Kingston, was arrested and detained on December 13. He has nine posts in charge, including robbery and robbery of $ 5,000. On Friday, December 14, 2011, he appeared in court.

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