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20 Bold Predictions For Wrestling 2019an


In January 2011 I made 20 bold predictions of the 2018 world of warfare. In my opinion, I achieved 18.5 points. Obviously, a great score and my fall over the last decade. Some of them have won Shinsuke Nakamura, Royal Rumble at AJ Styles WrestleMania 34, Impact Wrestling under its "most recent and greatest" scheme, WWE will be successful in television bargaining in the negotiations. added another show (NXT UK), Dean Ambrose's heel is on, NXT is in WWE Network, Neville would not return to WWE, and much more. That was last year.

This year I will also make 20 predictions with the brave ones, the last three being the greatest, to enjoy the whole column … or go to the bottom for all fun!

20 Bold Predictions for 2019

1. CM Punk fights in some fashion – I made a last-minute announcement and, surely, the man made an autograph in the Wrestling store. Without a doubt. However, it counts. He won and clearly, Piggy dismissed a fierce event and fought either directly or not with a "fashionable" fight. I expect a similar situation in 2019. Whether it's an autograph signature, WWE Hall of Fame wants to sit down in the crowd, or something, it's going to do something. I do not want a WWE return or anything to predict wild. Relax He was told by his friends that he was a bad background, as if he were ever going back to WWE, he thinks he's a trivial life. Infernal and Ladies in Life. Strong words. Punk means that now it means that he returns to his word again. Perhaps on the line it never never was in this heavy industry, but it would not be soon. Still, the UFC and the reality of rubbish only go far. Fight is his game.

2. Braun Strowman is SmackDown – This was my loss in 2018. I tried again, right? In the same show like Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, he did not need to act as a universal championship. It was not just In the blue mark, there were more rooms. Moreover, it definitely stood out as a monster. There was no Superstar Shakeup to my surprise. Come on 2019, when I guess that I'm defeating Royal Rumble against its universal title, WrestleMania 35 is going through the RAW over the next few months, then the ship jumps. Maybe bad (again), but this is my prediction. FOX is a perfect prime time show in October 2019.

3. A TOP star goes to Live Smackdown – I have no respect for Braun, but I've seen the biggest names for SmackDown LIVE before debuting at FOX. I'm thinking Brock Lesnar. I'm thinking of Rowdy Ronda Rousey. I'm thinking about a Roman realm (if it's healthy) the type of star. Heck, probably, as well as special John Cena and The Undertaker agents. Edge may also have a regular deal with the General Director or the Cutting Edge talk show. The WWE will go to the premiere of October and the moment will come into the WM36 season. If not, they are foolish. This happens in my next paragraph …

4. The Rock returns to WWE – Pop quiz: the rock's WWE final match? Still figure If John Cena WrestleMania 29 was said to be the main event of the WWE Championship, you're wrong. Rocky was surprised by surprise with Erick Rowan WM32 in 10 seconds. I can make Guaran. Remove this That will not be the last bout of The Great One. He will go back and, after the end of the two Manias, he will not return better than now. In his final main match, Cena was on WM29, and WWE returned to WWE to WM35. Whether it enters the WWE Hall of Fame or WWE will be on TV in recent years. FOX Smackdown in October is probably tempting, right?

5. I do not care about the NJPW or Ring of Honor – I was taken to the world of fighting two years ago. Those who read or read my columns in the business – DO YOU care about something NOT WWE! Please. He paid me attention I talked a lot of the game with Will Ospreay vs. With ricochet I watched 80 games of 80 years of WrestleKingdom two years ago. I mean, though I've seen the battle of Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho. Also, believe me or not, I see a rare custom Ohore show here on my local channel at Wisconsin, I can (once a year). Every time I see, shrug and forward. I want to take care of people! I want. I love a fight and a big fan. Give me a reason to care in 2019 …

6. AEW is a real deal – See? I want to look after it, but you have to give it a reason to look first. I do not have about two youngsters about The Young Bucks, and I have said that I have not followed, ignore the games, and I have never seen "The Elite" in YouTube. I could not care less. With Cody Rhodes and his great independent scenes. I did not see or continue. I know it's a talent. It does not have to fight for gym and bingo halls to prove this. When I was running my WWE I asked myself and I had a lot more time to write a "Underrated" list. There he was there. I know these guys have strong talents and fanbases. That's why I returned to all of his Elite fighters and gave me some real good opportunities. The millionaire's son always helps, but the money is wasted to be used wisely. It's time to tell me how it happens, but for now, I think it's a good work for television / play in spring work and important signs. All happy

Note that this Jacksonville rally is written before Tuesday. That must be interesting and the NEEDS is to open the door.

7. It continues to fake the impact struggle – The cowardly coward will survive, but never will progress. When I lost Spike TV (when they called me), I told him that the predecessor of American Destinations had so much help (also called BS), and I will now say that POP TV has waited until 9pm for the time slot and, finally, in the network. Whatever the heck Pursuit will be happy … Friday 9th (only 90 minutes appear on the website). However, that will not be achieved. I'm not sending Twitch's or 800 million press releases to send YouTube numbers. This does not mean anything, showing its firmness slow and slow. Remember people, I released Spike on TV and I remember the exact date. I used to record each episode and I saved all my VHS cinematographers. I was there. Certainly it was in the mark. It's no more.

8. Batista returns – There is no explanation.

9. NXT WWE remains in the network – Okay, this is a bet. I was scheduled for 2018, even when I was in the USA Network. Now, there are rumors that will go to NXT FS1 or another Fox member will come in October. I do not know if this is true. I can see it. WWE may leave FOX agreements. I still say XFL is launching it on a FOX channel for a few moments. In any case, the NXT WWE Network is similar to a glove. The company already has more than $ 2 million in television fee quotas. Come on!

10. NXT calls to new ones are better managed than others – From that moment on, Lars Sullivan, Heavy Machinery, Nikki Cross, Lacey Evans and EC3 are still on the way to the WWE. I hope soon they will premiere, surely very soon, and I hope to get a good start. Each one of them was written in columns at the end of 2018. Needless to say, my expectations are high. Forget Revival, Ascension, Tyler Breeze and others. These guys and gals make a legitimate kick.

11. Fight Underground wraps up – To see my point of care of my promotion to others, I saw Lucha Underground all the time. No joke In my childhood, I used to be the daughter of my daughter daughter of the god, and she had millions of cable channels to enjoy me. What would I see next night? Yep, Fight Underground. I really liked what I saw most. My main complaints were Chavo Guerrero and man / woman. I also remember some unprotected chair plans. Honestly, though, I saw that the most good was good. I wrote on another website, trust. Season season ended the second season of the second season, I was a fan! Then the second season has arrived. For any reason, energy was lacking. Buzz is missing Illusion missing In a few episodes, I was away. He immediately went. Cool old episodes were with Netflix for a long time, but that was also the case. In my opinion, it costs a ton of production, it has a ridiculous contract and it does not draw a lot of TV on TV. Thus, funding cut out, stars are leaving their businesses, and even adding more exceptional industry promotions, the Fight Underground can be odd men.

12. Bray Wyatt changes his character – We can not sit WOKEN with nonsense. No one is worth it. Similarly, another "Family" meeting is not a brilliant idea. Bray Wyatt needs action to renew. Try more hocus pocus. Sting takes action, where the stage that stays around takes place at the end of the show before leaping into a brawl. Perhaps, she should make a single jeweler swinging at her little relative in a swinging chair and ONLY a clash of pay-per-views. I threw ideas. He's too young and has a great deal to lose yet another year. WWE champion 23 months earlier and joined the WrestleMania 33 with this title. I know I was there. It can be returned to the point.

13. Womens Tag Team Titles are included – What's worth it? I do not think this idea as a paper. We saw it before, and the results were bad. If you put two or three of these groups on the belts, it will not be better than anything else. However, Vince McMahon and the company have already revealed new titles that will be released in the new year. The only reason I have included in my BOLD predictions has been rumors there now and now for nothing. Nothing Nothing When I guess Santa Claus I'll finally get his wish in 2019, whether I liked it or not.

14. The old and unexpected name returns with WWE – Alex Riley? Tyler Reks? Matt Morgan? A totally strange and forgotten battle will come back again. Think Jinder Mahal surprised the world and returned … and then won the WWE Championship. I do not talk about Drew McIntyre or EC3; We know guys would make the way. Even Melina, Victoria, Mason Ryan or Justin Gabriel. Again, you've just left millions of years left. It would be fun to get predictions about your subject.

15. The WWE continues its global expansion – Mae Young Classic, NXT United Kingdom, other promotions on the WWE network, etc. Why keep the talents that sign WWE? They will continue to invent new shows, new content, new revenue streams and everything new. Carlito in the world of showing the courage to show in The Edge And Christian Show at WWE Network, nothing is possible. As we all have noticed, the US market has dried up, but why not go to Australia? More Saudi Arab events for $ 80 million? Hit England, Japan, and among the major shows everywhere.

16. XFL will continue in the planned mode – There are some who believe that Vince McMahon will be backed by the cold and XFL project. Some also believe that the Alpha Entertainment brand has been registered by paying all WWE bills. I do not agree. Vinny Mace has played thousands of millions and wants to try another soccer player, I'll go. You only live once, right? Who should tell the man what to do with the money he has made and spent for decades in his business? It's good. Personally, I think the flat will go down again, but I think it is spreading throughout the year 2020. Until then, the theme song is reminiscent, the band's locations are cool, the stadiums may be in full swing, but they are still nice places, all of which is getting the best time to enter the entrance. It's not just rushed up there for the registry of time to fail.

17. According to the advertised location a few weeks ago, I will go to WrestleMania in 2020 – This is a personal prediction. As I mentioned in my "My Journey to Orlando" pillar, I made a proclamation myself and went to WM for the first time since 2016 or 2017. I made this claim at the end of 2015. Once I determined that I did not go to the Texas massive edition, I made it clear: next year I went to Orlando. There was no announcement; It was a spoiler. A few years later, we're here again. I'm not involved in WrestleMania 35 in the New Jersey / New York market. However, I'm curious about the next year's edition. If you are traveling to Minneapolis, if you want to travel around or somewhere else, start planning!

Okay, now I have teased my three major announcements at the beginning of the column …

18. The Roman king returns with WWE – It is more hope than a logical option. I do not know one of you, but the kingdom against the Roman lineage was a fan of reality. It was a great blow. The flooring left over by the company has been felt three months later. I do not mention the final drop in the news and the interest is that it's ALL, but it does not matter. My desire is to win quickly and it's better than ever. Health news is said to be very scarce, it's very good and he's thinking about the return of the WWE. Keeping all of them as they say. Clearly, remember. Call crazy (and I'm sure), but I want to get back to WWE as soon as it's back.

Well, the time has come for the light bulb …

19. Rouse Rousey vs. Becky Lynch Holders WrestleMania 35 – I called the woman at the WrestleMania 34 main event after the Ronda Rousey debut and the anniversary match. I called Asuka Royal Rumble and I had a great deal of controversy, even though everyone else questioned everything they had in January. I loved evolution in October, and was just pointing out the last three Raws of 2018 made by women. John Cena and Vince McMahon returned to the television and they immediately made Becky Lynch (and others) thanks. Needless to say, women officially take this charge until 2019 to Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch. Somehow, we need a game. We need it. Enter if you need Charlotte Flair (I would not). Whatever happens: Rousey and Lynch WM35 headache are awesome and the money that is making money on WWE is the biggest. It will happen and I think.

As big as all sounds, I will double this prediction and take a step further …

20. Ronda Rousey loses – There it is. My daring prediction of 2019 is that Ronda Rousey is finally losing a game and if there is any right in the world, Becky Lynch is among all of them. I know common wisdom and common sense, says Rousey, Becky will get the story closed, but not convert it. Leave a full monty We do not know if Rousey is seized in the rest of the 2019 season, even if it keeps its full time schedule. Family plans have been very popular. I say it goes to another year, but that is a brilliant thought. SmackDown LIVE and slower schedule (think Brock) would not be the worst thing in the world. In 2018 he demonstrated his passions and skills. Rousey has a heel that could have money, but all of this can wait. Right here and right now, Rousey vs. Lynch is your main WrestleMania 35 event, ending the show THE MAN stand height.

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