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3 Swedish Keys Against Sweden against the World Juniors

The NHL network will deliver exclusive live television live games of all the United States of America to the Vancouver II and Vancouver II Victoria II World Cup 2019.

The United States team will play the third part of the IV match scheduled for Saturday (10:30 p.m., NHLN, TSN) in Sweden at the Save-On-Foods Memorial Center. U.S. defeated Slovakia 2-1 and Kazakhstan in 8-2 in their first two matches. The descent begins on the 2nd round.

Long NCAA hockey analyst Dave Starman, along with Stephen Nelson, will give his keys to the United States victory over the 11-day championship before their games.

"It was a good match against Kazakhstan and scored a few scores in the score," said Starman. "Mike Hastings (line manager) rolled out and split ice. Between Slovakia and Friday against the strong match against Kazakhstan, the US has a personality but the next two games (Sweden and Finland) tell you what it is and what buildings are on the way. "

There are three areas that will be played by the United States (2-0-0-0) against Sweden (2-0-0-0) and will have to win straightforward 46 WJC matches.

1. Control the 5-in-5 playback

"Slovakia could win, Kazakhstan did not know, Sweden has been able to win their talent in the US, so it strikes two stolen objects, Sweden has not lost a game of pools 46 in direct and four quarters in the Swedish elite defense team , and all of them can access the network, their behavior has been effective, a US key has to be tedious, it must be aggressive, but staying up to a great deal to defend a Swedish soldier may be a problem. "

2. Ground game

"The game Ground Game is still my favorite Motman-ism (Former Priest Former Priest Bob Motz). The lower part of the game is not only pressure to defend itself, but also to attack numbers and support and win battle battles. It has a great priority in the recovery of the Swedish defensive bodies as it is unfinished and in the recovery zone. "

3. Strengths playing

"Keep it short, efficient, and easy for puck management, and quickly pucks your network too quickly. Two good games have been: there is no long way to go and it's not selfish. Now, as it gets clear, it becomes even more important. It is the third game in the United States for the fourth night. The nightmare's hunger is safe, simple and effective. "

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