Wednesday , October 20 2021

343 Halo thematic industry and nonprofit children's prototype


343 Industries has collaborated with Limbitless Solutions to offer a new one Halo3D prosthesis technology using prosthesis. Prosthetic is aimed at children, offering a "cost-effective" artificial limb and a fun design. A nonprofit organization that also offers stylish and funky prosthetic designs lets its prosthetists free to recipients.

343 Industries has presented its new partnership on Tuesday, providing a new armchair for the new Halo-style prosthesis designed for children. Prosthetic designs look like a Master Chief military green arm: a muscle, a futurist and immediately known.

3D printing has become an increasingly popular method of creating prosthetics weapons. With this technology, the cost of the body greatly reduces the ability to adapt and provide full functionality compared to traditional technologies. As shown in the video above, device prostheses are capable of storing issues.

The limbitless result of a group of students that began working to help a child born without mobility. Since then, the non-profit organization has created numerous protesis models with different designs, such as Iron Man's arm.

Families and individuals who need a protest need to register with Limbitless and request a device. "We believe that the family will not be paid to receive a child's arm," the company explains in his website. Therefore, the organization offers families and recipients free of family prostitution.

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