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& # 39; Big tax increases & # 39; For 2019 – BC News

It's not exactly how the British colonies wanted at the beginning of August 2019, but the Canadian Taxpayer Federation warns whether it's liked or not.

CTF will have a long history in the historical territory, through employers, real estate and fuel taxes.

"Employer Health Care will have a pollution effect throughout the province, by hiring and paying for new rises, and from Port Alberni to Prince George," said Kris Sims, B.C. Director of the Canadian Taxpayer Federation. "This is a downgrade of Victoria to the back of the work creators and the municipalities of the province."

Employer's Health Tax starts in 2019, accumulated on the pre-established Medical Services Price and according to the CTF, B.C. for annual employers.

"Most cities and towns have a payroll of more than $ 500,000, which directly affects budgets, the need for growth in city budget cuts or real estate taxes," says the group.

Here are the official rates and tax EHT tax calculator.

Homeowners in homes like West Vancouver and North Vancouver, homes over $ 3 million will be required to pay a new "school tax" created by the provincial government.

"Although a school tax is labeled, money is going to make income generally," Sims said.

Fees apply to homes, condos and land empty.

Sims told British Colombians that tax will continue throughout the year, with carbon tax leaping $ 35 per tonne for $ 40 per ton from April 1, 2019.

"This is 8.89 cents bent for gasoline per liter of B.C.

Click here for the New Year Tax Change Report for Canadian Federal Taxpayers.


UPDATED: 4:00 p.m.

Significant snowfall releases continue in a large part of the province. Environment Canada is predicted at more than 30 cm in some areas.

"The snow will increase tonight and will be passed on Saturday Saturday Saturday while moving to Alberta. Snow conditions are expected at up to 30 cm on Saturday afternoon."

Snow also causes chaos on roads. Winter storm warning has been sent to the Trans-Canada Road – Eagle Pass to Rogers Pass.

In winter, dangerous conditions are expected, "says Environment Canada." Prepare to quickly change and deteriorate the conditions of travel. "

UPDATED: 2 p.m.

DriveBC has opened a single highway 97 road, alternating North Williams Lake traffic.

UPDATED: 1:30 p.m.

Crash incidents are reported.

A last extreme dream is stuck in the middle of the Mine Creek Road exit, and another event is retrieved from the west side of the old side.

Today, heavy snow is announced at high altitude highways in B.C.

On the other hand, DriveBC reports the Trans-Canada Highway closed in the southern part of the Chinese Bar Tunnel, between Hells Gate and Boston Barren, due to the average Jacknifed.

The current time is not open at this time again, and no deviation is available.

Meanwhile, the Highway 97 closed in two directions as a result of the northern collision of Williams Lake. A diversion is in effect.

UPDATED: 8:05 a.m.

The British central part is very large in the following winter, as it has been predicted by the United States of North America for snow or winter storms, from the North Coast to the Alberta border.

It prevails 30 kilometers of snow in some regions, the storm passes through the province, and while passing through Rogers Pass, while passing through the Eagle Pass, the treacherater is expected to make it easier on Saturday to make it easier on Saturdays.

In the meantime, the power has remained at around 1,600 clients on the southern coast of B.C., in the last eight days, in the last stormy wind of the last region.

Ehunka BC Hydro-workers have worked around the clock to help resolve the remaining disruptions that are concentrated on various islands in the South Gulf. There are extreme damage caused by fallen trees and strengths.

Corona Utilities has confirmed the power of about 2,400 clients, on Thursday, 70 people will work through Galiano, Pender, Mayne, Salt Spring, Gabriola, Thetis and Saturn.

– Canadian press

ORIGINAL: 5 a.m.

Environmental Canada is requesting another Pacific system to move towards the interior, taking 25-centimeter snow.

"We will see the snowfall on Friday morning and we needed five or ten centimeters in the afternoon at Coquihalla," said Bobby Sekhon meteorologist.

"The snow will continue on Friday and Saturday at night, and we can also see between 15 and 25 cm in more than 24 hours".

Sekhon said Friday that it would be a story like Okanagan connector, a few centimeters. The same system brought the snow connectors on Saturday, "Saturday afternoon of 15 cm."

With regard to Trans Canadian Roads, Rogers Pass is hardly visible and Environment Canada is only called at high altitudes of 10 and 15 cm.

The story is similar to Kootenays, and Sekhon says that it's 15 cm in the Kootenay pass.

"On Saturday, it seems that it will be the biggest snowfall in the region, with an average of 15 cm and an expected 25 in some places."

As Sekhon says in front of the previous road, the snow would hit the roads and bring snow to the valley.

"It's not a question from 5 to 10 cm from Kelashka," he said.

December 28, 2018 / 2:48 pm | Story:

The Vancouver police said a six-month-old girl could not claim earlier this month before starting a school in primary school.

The police have told public, interviewed employees and students in the school, talk to neighbors and have video clips, but it has not been proven.

Sgt. Jason Robillard continues to study.

The police made a complaint at the Sexsmith Elementary School in the southern Vancouver area on May 5, when he was taken to a nearby man when he was attacked and returned to school.

Robillard has said that the Department of Sexual Crime Unit and the Department of Youth Services do research.

It examines allegations of personal security, especially involving children, it is a police priority.

"We feel that parents, employees, students and larger communities need to be updated," he said on Friday.


"Spoilers" are located in Surrey shopping malls during the Christmas shopping period, Grinches and Good Samaritans.

Surrey RCMP's Property Crime Target Group deployed merchandise bags in the brand's electronic signature and jewelery boxes, food court and seats area. The ordinary staff kept watch over if the robbers could take advantage of the situation.

In the five-day project, three male suspects were arrested for the elderly between 32 and 35 years old in order to steal the bundle of a bundle. All issues were criminal records and appeared in court the following days.

However, the researchers were pleasantly surprised that the Samaritans had been in the Samaritans, seeing the unseen packets and turning them into the service or security of the client, or just the hope that the owner returned to them.

"This is our first Crime Property Crime project in Surrey," says Staff Sgt. Mike Hall. "Only three subjects were robbed of the package, which made the right things, seven people was quite refreshing, especially during the holiday season."

Shows shared murders in social media that show an alleged dead rat in a Vancouver restaurant taken from a soup.

The Crab Park Chowdery says the video was posted on YouTube on Thursday through CTV News Reports.

"Today, my friend asked for a steak in Manhattan, and he had a little surprise there," the poster wrote.

Vancouver is facing the coast's health issue.

VCH recently inspected the restaurant in October, and the signs of rodents found earlier in February.

– CTV with Vancouver files

Two missed fugitives and dogs rescued the Vancouver North Shore hills Thursday night.

North Shore Rescue-7 p.m. The man and the woman were steep in the Grouse mountain

"Down the road, some tracks went on and they finished finishing the Mosquito Creek," Scott Merriman told search engine CTV News.

The riders were taken to the parking lot at 2 a.m., cold but impossible.

The call announces the new annual record of North Shore Rescue with 141 rescue missions.

– CTV with Vancouver files

The public warning was given by more than one man from the Vancouver surgeon.

According to Vancouver Coast Health, Asthen Nguyen Phong Nguyen has asked for the operation of the Canadian Hospital Hospital, but he has not worked on B.C.

Nguyen also asked patients to pay a deposit before their surgery, CTV News reports.

"This person does not join VCH, is not registered with Columbia Columbia Medical and Surgery Association, and does not practice medicine in the province," VCH said Thursday.

Those who have paid a prisoner of health have asked the Vancouver Police to contact them immediately.

– CTV with Vancouver files

December 28, 2018 / 7:19 a.m. | Story:

In a cold and sunny day of December, Jean-Michel Poutissou stopped once saving the six apple trees he struggled to save.

Poutissou arrived in Vancouver in October 1972. The TRIUMF campus of the physics laboratory was just tree-lined trees. Trees are the same tree as Sir Isaac Newton, sitting seated, depending on the weight of gravity.

Poutissou, a emeritus researcher at the TRIUMF, said trees were growing loyally until the mid-1990s, when condo developers wanted a straight-away path. Trees were in danger.

"Nobody overlooks Newton's apple trees," he said. "For them, they were on the way".

He campaigned to persuade the president of the University of Columbia, where he is located at TRIUMF, said he would like to take part in the tree-planting roundabouts.

About 50 years ago, the trees cover the eyes that cut their winters before they begin to grow fruit.

Poutissou said he had tasted apples, but he's been there for a long time and does not remember his exact flavor.

"It's not quite like McIntosh, but I do not keep that," he said with a laugh.

Tree trips began sometime in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The letters from the British Columbia University and the Laboratory of the Environmental Laboratory of the Teddington Laboratory show that the two vaccines of Canadian birds in Vancouver have an impact on the Air Canada flight on January 4, which is more than 50 years old in 1971. centimeter snow

Both cuttings were grafted more and now sit on six trees at the TRIUMF campus.

Nowadays, the United States National Trust is the patron saint of the original apple tree of Woolsthorpe Manor, Newton who plays gravity laws. The tree is called Flower of Kent, a traditional variety that produces apples apple from different sizes.

An organizational email says many universities around the world have twin tops of the tree. I do not know how the idea of ​​sending Newton's apple trees came and it does not seem like tradition or politics, he says.

"It is likely to be spread among universities".

The tree is an icon of knowledge, discovery and the beginning of modern science, as trusted.

The summer hard disaster of B.C. has surpassed the list of top 10 weather histories in England in 2018.

The national weather forecast has been published on Thursday on its website.

"Spring floods increased vegetation, landed on dry land during hot summers and exploded. For the second year running, it was a state of emergency in the British Columbia province," said Environment Canada.

"Almost 2,000 wildernesses were wandering around the province, but they started to miss out on the late season."

May was the hottest and most harsh record around the interior and South Coast. A damp June was temporarily paused, but in July, things started to rise. Lightning July 18th Okanagan and August forests, the air quality alert was one week's life.

As Kea covers Western Canada, "British Columbia was not so beautiful."

The environment in Canada, due to the risk of western fires, has increased two to six times since 2015 due to human warming.

"Canadian weather changes are not happening so slowly, gradually, as Canadians continue to experience extreme weather, long-term wave currents, smoke and escape, and extreme flooding will only be decades from now on."

According to the United Nations World Meteorological Organization, it was the 40th anniversary of the year 2018, above the normal temperature and the highest temperature one year 135 years earlier.

Check out the other top 10 stories in Canada in the UK here.

December 28, 2018/6: 20 | Story:

The unauthorized marijuana store is open in Canada, because the number of law firms in British Columbia is left behind in other provinces.

The owner of Evergreen Cannabis, Mike Babins, said that this store has received its province's license this week and plans to open its doors on Saturday.

As long as the municipal license is received, it will be the first legal shop in the city, since they legalize their origin for the next 17 years.

Babins said the provincial licensing process was "very, very deep."

"Really, really, they really have worked sure that there is no organized crime in the industry," he said.

"They spent 20 years with me and my wife, when we did not work, on a holiday we had taken."

Babins and his wife, Maria Petrucci's wife, were born in the Kitsilano district, where they created marijuana as medicine medicine in October 2015. He has spent three years under the old municipal licensing scheme.

The couple closed the store doors on October 16, when they reopened as a pasture store store waiting for provincial approval.

The number of illegal dispensaries will be open in Vancouver this month, despite a court order, to confirm the authority of the city.

Evergreen acceptance B.C. licensed marijuana stores. Five, Kamloops, Kimberley and Pouce Coupe.

Provincial government websites have 65 licensed dealers in Alberta and 20 in New Brunswick, Ontario does not have until April.

B.C. Public Security Minister Mike Farnworth has defended the provincial pace in pot stores, and the government has given more voices than other counties.

Babins said B.C. Licensed officials work hard and understand why the free extension is taking place in stores.

"After seeing what the process is, I understand it now," he said.

The couples paid taxes after 1, they all bought and never got loans, they used retirement savings to open the store, he said. They have also been hired by lawyer and consultancy companies to assist with the application.

"We did everything, we made it easier for them, and it's still a long time to be sure we were there."

They asked for a provincial license in the middle of August, and finally they received it on Tuesday.

The store still requires a new municipal license to operate the legal license. Babins has said the city has been aided by this store, but no one has allowed it on holidays, so the couple will be on the town for the first time on Tuesdays.

He did not worry about being in the city in the newspapers when he was in the store.

"I think that illegal neighborhoods are unlawful and illegal … The media disaster would be a bit unfavorable if they came after the first graduate store in the city, which was opened two days before they returned to their Christmas holiday."

The time to travel on holiday keeps friends and family in close contact.

The drivers are preparing to face the conscious and urgent conditions as well as to prepare your pets.

Our pets are our close companions and many people are more difficult, emotional and logistic, letting them walk along the road.

However, some of the travel tips and preparations that do not include your trip can cause a lot of misfortunes for humans and critters.

The province has some tips on how to go on the road with your loved ones.

1) Consider animal needs.

Keep in mind whether or not you are ready for a trip to your honeymoon. Cats are less travel than dogs. A very young or very old young man can find your highway adventure too much, and it is better for a pet with a nanny.

2) It lets you travel longer.

If possible, get your pet to travel in the vehicle when it's young. At their age, the fastest departures begin, and then they make day trips ahead of the long and naughty road.

3) Pack to make your pet.

Pack your animal with food and dishes, plenty of water, and one or two toys. Make sure you have prepared a leash, cleanliness for your refrigerator, unnecessary bags, bed linen, and dark and unknown places for your pet. If you are locating, consider placing a pet first aid.

4) Make sure your pet is identifiable.

Make sure your label with an identifier with your critter name, your name, address and phone number when you travel. In addition to making a photo of Fido, it will also help to unleash the unfortunate event.

5) Bring an extreme vaccine certificate.

Find out about the international border crossing rules. Dogs entering Canada in Canada must have a certificate, a pig vaccine at least 30 days before.

6) Seatbelts for everyone.

The loose crater may take care of the driver, block the driver's view and pedal brake, gas or clutch pedal. Train your little cat or a dog to travel to his kennel, and secure the carrier with a security seating.

Pet harnesses are designed to work with short ribbons. If you use a large pet wallet, make sure it is anchored and tightly tightened inside.

Doggone is a dangerous doggone on the back of a truck to drive your dog with a dog, and you can get the card as described in RCMP, BC SPCA and ICBC videos.

7) Stay away from home away.

It is best to not miss your pets. Outside the vehicle, keep your pet in a leash, and never let wild animals approach you.

8) The plan stops.

Regular obstacles will allow you and your animal to relax and relax. A bit of exercise and waterfall are two-legged and four-legged travelers, so see rest areas, parks or other stations.

9) See heat

Letting an animal in a hot vehicle is too long or injure. The heat rises rapidly in a parked vehicle, so park the shade and some windows are kept open. If it's too hot, bring the pet outdoors, keeping it in its carrier or leash. At the other end of the thermometer, do not let the animal near a freezing range in an animal vehicle

10) Plan the accommodation in advance.

Consult booking and reserve your pet after booking. Some motel / hotel some pets and their friends have a limited number of rooms.

11) Enjoy yourself and enjoy your adventure.

Your best friend needs four outfits, stop the roses and smell them and enjoy an adventure meal together.

Animals can be great explorers, and you're always there.

When traveling with an animal, comfort and safety are associated with your comfort and safety.

– Files with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

UPDATED: 6:15 p.m.

The traffic seems to pass smoothly on the Coquihalla road on Thursday night.

Bad situations and many traffic jams slowed down the day before, next to the Zopkios frequency control, the motorcourses are shown at least one direction in each direction after clearing the snow.

The cold temperature remains next to the summit, now -6.5 C.

The snow is 40 percent clear during the night of Coquihalla, after a heavy snowfall.

UPDATED: 1:19 p.m.

Things are still slippery in Coquihallan. DriveBC snowshed will slow down and Castanet will receive reports reaching 50 miles south of Hope.

A driver headed North to Coquihalla to the north, and another saw three ambulances in the same area.

1:15. P.m. Protects traffic in the Zopkios Rest Area, west of the Coquihalla summit. The cameras show the freeway stops in the direction of Merritt.

UPDATED: 12:05 p.m.

Environmental Canada must have at least the proper temperature for at least 24 hours. But the meteorologist, Bobby Sekhon tells Castanet, on Friday morning there is a Pacific system and the snow is needed at around 10 and 25 centimeters.

"So, the snowy Coquihalla will see on Friday morning, and we should spend 10 centimeters on Friday afternoon. The fever will continue on Saturday.

Sekhon, on Saturday, is expecting another tireless.

ORIGINAL: 10:46 a.m.

Coquihalla's travel conditions are normal in winter driving conditions, and Environment Canada is not causing alerts, but it is still slippery.

Castanet Vernon, News Director Josh Winquist condemns conditions that are not ideal. "Two separate rollovers, one south to the other in the middle, emergency gangs are on stage," says Winquist.

From Thursday 10:30 am, there are four single-vehicle events, two kilometers long between Merritt and Kamloops, in Coquihallan.

"Road conditions seem to be an idea that it was impossible for drivers to lose control, as all four events happened," says Winquist.

DriveBC does not list the most important ups and downs, but you are advised to check autopilots and Castanet for your final travel conditions.

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