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& # 39; Culture Revolution: & # 39; Humpback Whales Learn New Songs Every Years Few (VIDEO)


The Humpback Whales, known as the rhythmic and rhythmic rhythm of the sound, have sung the song itself for a few years, adding embellishments and making complex ones. However, according to a study by the University of Queensland, a few years later, whales have newer and easier quantities, demonstrating the ability to learn new material.

The research was published on November 21 by the Royal Society B's Proceedings of: Biological Sciences, which analyzed the structure and complexity of the songs singing the whale populations after 13 years in Australia. Underwater knot songs are available every year from 2002 to 2014 on the southeast coast of Queensland, Australia, with fixed fixed-line diesel, self-recorders and boat-based recordings.

Researchers have found songs that gradually change their whale annually with completely new songs wholly whale, when the researchers called it "cultural revolution".

"The complexity was enhanced by singing songs with more sound units, types of units, and more songs. After the revolution, complexity diminished so that new songs were shorter and less than units, types of drives and themes."

"Usually, these songs have gradually changed, maybe singers through individual adagation," said Dr. Jenny Allen, Queensland's Cetacean Ecology and Acoustics Laboratory, the lead author of the report on November 22.

"Embellishments suspects that the bull stands out among its members, just like teenagers trying to stand out, but in a few years time, the songs are replaced, but they are always something, if they are limitations of whale, to learn new material," says Allen.

Studying is a good example of animal education, according to Allen, adding that the original whales are spreading to the population and animal basins.

"This is a cultural transmission, similar to what we find people," he said.

"Knowing more about culture and social learning in animal species, such as jealousy whales, development, and evolutionary development can be achieved. In response to these questions in animals, we will be able to clarify why cultural and social development has taken place at a special level of human beings" he added.

Allen did not immediately answer Sputnik's request

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