Saturday , May 8 2021

& # 39; Daredevil & # 39; Star Charlie Cox has complex feelings over the past season

Third season daredevil It is the highest show in 2018, but unfortunately it is the last of the series.

Netflix made a surprising decision to cancel the marvel television series, asking the fans to start answering questions after starting the series. But before the end of the show, the star of the Charlie Cox series will be reflected in the three seasons. ACE spoke at Comic Con in Phoenix, the actor revealed his thoughts daredevilIt's over.

"I have very complex feelings today daredevil, "Cox has accepted." It's just the significance that we have been proud of last season, and I'm happy with the answer. And it feels weird not to continue with our response to the last season. In many ways, I have realized that I am happy. And who knows more daredevil I'm sure I'll come in the future. But for now, I feel happy and sad. "

Cox has talked about the episode of Entertainment Weekly on Wednesday daredevil and how they took all the guards.

"We expect many of us to move forward, and I certainly did it," said Cox. "In fact, I felt like we had told a lot of stories, and I understand it [the cancellation]I'm very sad.

"It's a good idea to think about how the company works, but also the characters," he said. "It's funny to say that I've never thought of playing with Matt Murdock-it's a great feeling, because it's been a great character for the last four and a half years of my life."

When he made his last comments with ACE daredevil "a dream job".

"I love it, it's been the best job for me, that's why it's fun. Objectively, playing is very important, that's very good, but at the same time it's a very fun physical part, with stunts, choreography of the fight," added Cox. .

After tapping the details of potential 4 season plans, the actor has touched on the intention of moving the beans secretly, eventually going down the road.

"I want to be boring, but to be honest, I do not think that I should answer," said Cox. "It's new, the news is quite a lot painful. I was very happy about the idea that talked about the season and I thought about thinking about it and going on the Internet, it might not be very helpful for people … I often get what I'm saying and circulating , and I want that I do not give false hope.

Meanwhile daredevil It is canceled, fans can catch it Punisher Next January 18th at Netflix.

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