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& # 39; Effectiveness & # 39 ;: John Horgan makes BC anti-pipe lockout arresting


The Lehendakari, John Horga, led the forwarding of a new blockage of the BC First Nation in the press conference today as a "tough resolution" as soon as possible.

On January 7, Wet & # 39; suwet & # 39; s were members of the Earth, located at the Morice West Forest Service Road in the South of Houston.

The protests were opposed by a court ordered by the Coast Courts, which would allow the GasLink Coast personnel to land $ 6.2 million for the construction of pipes.

The RCMP arrived when the scene and resolution were not achieved, leading the police to arrest 14 demonstrators.

"People recognize the right to protest. Many of these countries acknowledge that they wanted to acknowledge concerns about this project," Horgan said.

"However, in my opinion, LNG Canada has demonstrated the importance of a significant United Nations consultation and reconciliation, and that is why United Nations agreements have been signed across the channel corridor."

On Tuesday, Wet & # 39; Suwet's international solidarity was organized in Canada and throughout the world.

While he said he had the right to "wholeheartedly" protest, yesterday, the demonstrations "were not even in the territory of Wet's" suwet.

There is no "Wet & # 39; suwet" in the territory's ankle. They talked about the diluted bitumen. They talked about eradicating capitalism. The Canadians watched yesterday see an entire unbroken range. "

These have the strong United Nations support in the Northern BC pipeline project.

"Especially regarding this North project, there are nations that are firmly sensible for future-oriented solutions, and I think that yesterday's protests must be balanced."

When they asked about Protestants to block themselves and arrested the order, he said "they have the right to objects," because it is the basic principle of the Canadian and British colonies. "

But they are punished by breaking the law. "If the law is breaking, there are consequences and that is why 14 people have been arrested [on Monday]. "

"Again, you have the right to have your disagreement and you can expect to have all the consequences of paying them all".

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